About Us

Contact our expert team on 0800 044 3878 or sales@globalvue.co.uk

Here at Global Vue, the CCTV installation division of Maxtag (UK) Ltd, we are one of the UK's leading providers of audio-visual security solutions.

We provide the very best systems to help you improve the security of a wide range of environments, including residential, retail and hotels.

Our systems are put in place to ensure that you can enjoy a safe and secure environment, to deter a criminal element from affecting your business and to provide a high-quality, accurate account of any unfortunate events that do occur.

Over the past 15 years, we have worked to improve the security of more than 7000 locations, all across the UK. We have outfitted the properties of clients from a wide range of sectors, and our unbeatable products are the perfect choice to improve your security across your entire property.

Our in-house team of experts will carry out the entire process, so you can be certain of every single component. The cameras that we supply are the most reliable and high-quality models available, and our loss-prevention specialists will personally install them to ensure the upmost reliability from your system as a whole..

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