Improve Your Business' Security With IP Security Camera Systems!

Posted by Global Vue on 24/07/2015 15:16:00

Internet Protocol cameras are now the most popular design of security camera in the world, but some business owners still choose to use analogue cameras for their security solutions. With a modern IP security camera system, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits than a more traditional camera security system could provide. Integrating an IP system into your retail outlet can offer incredible safety and security benefits, whilst the wide range of additional features can result in a much more efficient service.

The Commercial Benefits Of An IP Security Camera System

  • IP Security Cameras Are Intelligent – Whilst analogue systems are considered 'dumb' devices, IP styles intelligently obtain, translate, send and receive data via a computer network and an internet connection.This integrated functionality allows them to make the most of more advanced features, including two-way audio, remote access and control, video analytics and motion detection, amongst a wide range of other advantages.
  • They Are Easily-Scalable IP security camera systems can leverage the possibilities of both Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and wireless. This means that, if you need to, you can easily expand your network over time, without having to break the bank to do so.Meanwhile, scaling analogue networks can be expensive and very difficult to expand. Often, analogue expansions can require an entire overhaul of the security system itself to be done correctly.
  • They Are Highly-Flexible – One of the main reasons that IP security systems are becoming more popular is due to their increased flexibility. Even areas which were particularly challenging for analogue installations, such as directly on the ceiling or atop an external light source, are simplified because these models can use PoE and wireless.If the placement of a certain camera needs to be readjusted in the future, to offer the very best surveillance service, IP devices are much easier to relocate than their traditional alternatives.Multiple cable have also been an issue for analogue designs of the past, but with IP security systems, only one network cable is required to provide everything the camera needs. This includes power, video, audio, PTZ and more!
  • Higher-Quality Images – HD and megapixel IP cameras deliver anywhere from three to nine times the resolution of analogue cameras. In many installations, low-resolution devices simply don't provide the right degree of quality in an image to identify individuals or for providing as evidence in the event of a court case.

IP Security Camera Systems For Your Business' Safety

There are many reasons why IP security camera systems are more popular than traditional analogue designs, from their increased flexibility, lower-maintenance costs and their higher-quality resolution.

If you're looking for a future-proofed security system for your business, either for an office or as a component of a commercial outlet's security, then you can choose no better than Global Vue's IP security camera systems. For more information, contact our expert team directly on 0844 544 3955.

Before you know it, you could be relaxing; confident in the knowledge that your business' surveillance system is more effective, and more reliable than it has ever been before.

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