3 reasons to install Cloud CCTV

Posted by Global Vue on 24/07/2015 14:57:00

Secure cloud CCTV technology is ever growing now that the global population have embraced it for online payments, online banking and even online credit card applications. We are trust and understand that the World Wide Web is a platform that can handle masses of data in a secure encrypted form.

Now through advances in the CCTV hardware and CCTV software industries, new secure technology has made it possible to view these cameras whenever and wherever there is an internet/wi-fi connection.

Therefore, business owners who are not by a computer can pull up their security camera footage on a smart phone or other computing devices such as tablets. They can then login in and view live footage from any CCTV camera connected to the cloud. The cloud CCTV technology even allows users to view previously recorded material on a smart phone, tablet or computer.
So with the world of Cloud CCTV rapidly changing we have listed what we feel are 3 of the most important reason to invest in Cloud CCTV:

1. Off Site instant access

If you are sitting on a beach or in the corner office of your multinational retail brand, you will have the same unrivalled ability to access any of your security cameras, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connect and a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can even download a high definition version of the footage and in a click of a button or two send it off to one of your managers or even the local law enforcement. – Nice and simple!

2. Offsite secure video footage

CCTV Video footage stored in the cloud cannot be damaged or manipulated by individuals breaking into your location. These 'would be' vandals although could break the camera, the footage of them doing so would already be secure 100's of miles away in a protected datacentre, all backed up and ready for you to use as evidence of their vandalism.

3. Remote health monitoring

If a cloud CCTV camera is disconnected or has a technical issue an alert can be sent immediately to the owner of the location and also back to the technical team looking after the system. From there an instant plan can be put in place to make sure security is not compromised.

So there you have it, cloud CCTV is and will continue to grow into the dominant force in the global security industry. If you are interested in adding this technology to your location, Global Vue are the UK's finest Security Camera Installers specialising in CCTV for shops, CCTV for restaurants, CCTV for Hotels, CCTV for residential properties and CCTV for Schools.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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