5 Ways That Your Business Is Susceptible To Theft

Posted by Global Vue on 26/01/2016 07:11:00

Recent studies have claimed that you can cut down on theft and other forms of criminal or antisocial activity by between 25 and 50% just by employing a single video security camera in the perfect spot, or by even more if you choose a comprehensive video security system. In order to achieve the most benefits from your security system, you need to ensure that you are working with the very best in CCTV installers in London.

There is a huge range of ways that your business can experience theft in modern life, whether you are a retail business, an office space or an industrial organisation. With complete CCTV coverage, you can witness what actually occurs, in real time, and act to stop the criminal activity in place, or prevent it from happening in the future.

The Most Common Kinds Of Theft In Modern Business

  • Fraudulent Claims – Some people can make a career out of pretending to slip and fall in retail stores. Thanks to CCTV cameras, however, these people can be caught out and the claims successfully disputed in court.

    It can be just as important to position these cameras in areas of your store which are not accessible to customers, as these are often the areas where the most employee accidents occur.
  • Supply Theft – Products which are stored on a shelf, in plain sight, may be difficult for a potential thief to access. However, if you have untrustworthy employees, then your stockrooms are often a primary target for thieves.

    As store and business managers tend to be preoccupied with the actual operation of the retail outlet, or the shop floor itself, stockrooms are often forgotten about.

    It can only take a single CCTV camera to drastically improve the security of your stockroom and identify which employee is stealing from your business.
  • Returns Theft – Goods which are returned to the store rarely receive the same level of security concern as other products. Experienced thieves will quickly recognise the lack of attention on these products, and consider them to be easy pickings.
  • Tool Theft – A typical industrial building or construction company will require a lot of tools and usually keep them on hand. This means that they can easily be stolen and sold on through auction sites.
  • Productivity Loss And Wasted Time – Recent studies have shown that one of the biggest drains on a company’s resources can be the amount of time that employees spend talking or fulfilling obligations outside of work.

    CCTV installers in London can help you to identify those of your employees who do have other things taking up their time, rather than their assigned work.

Protect Your Business From Theft, With Professional CCTV Installers In London

Here at Global Vue, we are a team of experienced CCTV installers in London. Over the years, we have worked alongside hundreds of businesses from various industries to create truly effective CCTV systems that can help to defend them from all kinds of theft and loss.

For more information on the benefits of our professional services, get in touch with our team today on 0844 544 3955. Of course, you can always email any concerns to our team directly at sales@globalvue.co.uk.

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