Approaching The Perfect View, With Fisheye CCTV Installers In London

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Although you might have joked about it when you were at school, none of your teachers, parents or overly strict librarians ever had eyes in the backs of their heads. However, this would definitely be beneficial if you were involved in the security industry, as it would allow you to enjoy a complete 360° view. After all, who doesn’t want to make absolutely certain that they can keep an eye on the action, wherever it is happening?

Fortunately, thanks to the abilities of professional CCTV installers in London, you can enjoy this benefit when it comes to keeping your property safe; thanks to high-performing fisheye cameras.

Why Are Fisheye Cameras More Useful Than Alternatives?

Most cameras cannot capture every movement or action within a particular scenario – for example, most camera designs suffer from blind spots. They often suffer from fixed views and, for those which do offer the ability to pan, their motion is often extremely limited and can be difficult to angle in the most effective way possible.

Traditional camera styles are also more easily visible which can, on occasion, be an advantage when it comes to discouraging criminal or anti-social behaviour, but when it comes to actual surveillance they can often be easier for the criminal to avoid.

The Disadvantages Of Fisheye Cameras

Of course, one of the major reasons that other forms of cameras are still in use is that they can often offer higher-quality images than fisheye models. Due to the much wider area of vision, this typically causes the resolution of the camera to suffer somewhat. However, technology in this sector is always increasing, which means that the quality of the cameras in question is constantly improving.

One aspect of fisheyes which often put people off, however, is the slight distortion that typically occurs at the edge of the image. This is as a result of the extra wide field of view. However, this can be negated via anti-warping technology within the camera itself or de-wrapping technology as part of the client’s overall security and footage/image recovery system. By ensuring that your fisheye includes this extra feature, you will be able to enjoy a corrected, completely flat view.

Of course, if your security specialists is inexperienced, then they might have some difficulty when it comes to dynamically viewing through ha fisheye camera as a result of the distortion. That is why you need to ensure that your viewing solution includes this de-warping technology from the start. However, it shouldn’t take long for your security officer to get used to the perception of the fisheye lens, with or without de-warping technology in place on your server.

Fisheye Cameras In Retail, Educational And Public Properties

Fisheye models are becoming ever more popular in retail outlets, as they are less imposing and threatening towards the customer, but can instead be placed intelligently and subtly. Thanks to their complete 360° vision, they can also help to cut down the costs of installing multiple cameras, without having to sacrifice on the field of vision. They offer the same levels of discouragement and more noticeable cameras and are adept at discouraging shop lifters.

As these surveillance options offer sweeping views of predefined areas – and are even available in 180° views so that they can be more easily wall-mounted – they are ideal for a huge range of locations, from lecture halls to indoor parking areas, hospitals and entertainment areas.

Fisheye models have been found to be most useful for interior uses rather than exterior, as they can easily keep an eye on a wide area, but their slightly lessened resolution makes them less suitable for long-distance recognition, such as you would require from an exterior surveillance solution. Typically, it is recommended that a 360° 5MP camera’s ideal distance would be lower than 25 feet – not very useful for wide, expansive parking lots or garages then, but ideal for a range of interior spaces.

Fisheye Cameras; Best Used As Part Of A Much Wider System?

As with all security systems, we don’t recommend that you stick to a single type of camera. Different designs and styles all offer different advantages and disadvantages, and are ideally suited for a range of different circumstances. If you need to keep an electronic eye on something in a fixed position, than stationary cameras will most likely work better than 360° options, and their usually higher resolution can offer real advantages in the long run.

Fisheyes are best utilised to keep an eye on the shop floor or the main storage area, where there is likely to be multiple directions from which a criminal might appear. A security system design that is becoming more and more common all the time is the installation of an extremely high-quality camera with full manoeuvrability, surrounded by slightly lower resolution fisheyes.

In this way, the fisheyes are able to notice any suspicious activity, which the main camera can then monitor more closely. As this is going on, the fisheye will be able to keep an eye on the rest of the area without error.

Here at Global Vue, we are proud to offer comprehensive and completely customised security solutions to ensure that your property, whether retail, domestic or any other, can enjoy the very highest levels of security with non-intrusive, reliable surveillance systems. If you’re looking for a team of experienced and professional CCTV installers in London, then you needn’t look any further.

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