Balancing Privacy With Effective CCTV For Residential Properties

Posted by Global Vue on 18/05/2016 11:40:00

Here in the UK, it's easy to see that video surveillance has become a major part of our lives. Not only are there thousands of cameras operated by the government, there are thousands upon thousands operated by businesses of all shapes and sizes. An increasing number of domestic buildings and homes are being protected with the best CCTV for residential properties.

Most people tend to welcome CCTV onto the streets as it helps to protect people from all kinds of crime. Not only can it help to secure otherwise dangerous areas and prevent crime occurring in the first place, it can be used to great effect at securing the convictions of criminals who might otherwise have gone undetected.

What Laws Are In Place To Affect CCTV For Residential Properties?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to balance privacy with effective security, but you need to make sure that you stay on the right side of the law – you don't want the video evidence you provide in the event of a criminal event to be inadmissible due to breaking the law.

The main law which affect the installation and continued operation of CCTV cameras is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998. However, it is worth mentioning that this law only applies to businesses and organisations, not your residential property. It's extremely important, however, that you remain careful when installing and operating your video surveillance.

How Effective Is CCTV For Residential Properties?

It is perfectly legal to install cameras on your own property, but you need to make sure that you aren't invading anyone else's privacy with your CCTV. When pointing at your own property, and not invading anyone else's space, your video surveillance can provide evidence of theft or intrusion which can really help the authorities to identify criminals or those who engage in anti-social behaviour.

Most commonly, you'll find that your CCTV systems are best used as a deterrent. In a residential area, criminals are more likely to commit a crime if they see an opportunity, rather than premeditate. In such a situation, a video surveillance system can really work to convince potential criminals that your property isn't worth the risking of being recorded, or caught in the act.

A publicly visible camera can work wonders to prevent antisocial behaviour from occurring in the first place. Most instances of anti-social behaviour which result in the criminal being identified are as a result of CCTV or other forms of masked surveillance.

Could You Ever Break The Law With Your CCTV At Home?

As we've covered, domestic installations of video security do not fall under the Data Protection Act. However, if the installation has not been carried out correctly, or it is used for another purpose than that which it was designed for, it can potentially be in breach of the law.

If you point your camera directly at a neighbour's property, for example, or if it has the potential to capture some of a neighbour's property, then they might be able to take a case against you under the Human Rights Act. It is possible that they will be able to say that their privacy has been violated and that your CCTV is a form of harassment.

In such cases, if you can't come to an agreement over camera placement, they are well within their rights to get the police involved.

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