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Festival season is here! During the next couple of months, music and art festivals of all styles and sizes will be held up and down the country. Even though the big festivals, such as Reading and Leeds, have ample CCTV coverage, there are many that don't have the same amount of exposure, if any at all. And even if they do have cameras covering every inch of the grounds - you can never be too vigilant when it comes to protecting your own stuff. So with that in mind, here are some tips on keeping your valuables – and yourself - safe during your festival.

  • Only bring what you can afford to lose – If you can't bear to lose anything – don't take it! This includes any expensive personal gadgets (it may be worth in investing in slightly less-expensive items if you're a regular festival goer, meaning that if you lose them, you perhaps won't miss it as much as your more-expensive, or more-beloved item). If you do need to take them however, be sure to keep them on your person at all times and be sure that they are securely locked.

  • Take your valuables with you when you leave your tent – Leaving anything unattended is an invitation to anyone who is looking to steal your valuables. Having them on your person will significantly reduce the chances of your valuables being stolen.

  • Make sure your pockets and bags are securely locked – being in large crowds can make it easy for anyone to pickpocket you.

  • Don't keep your cash in one place – spilt your money, valuables and cash cards into as many pockets as you can – so if you do lose anything, you have plenty of 'back-up' options.

  • Take it easy on the Alcohol – try not to get too inebriated – especially early in the day! Alcohol will leave you in a vulnerable state, so be sure to drink sensibly and slowly. Always be sure to drink bottled water throughout the day, to keep up you hydration levels, too!
  • Familiarise yourself with where the First Aid and Security Points are –Thankfully, the vast majority of festival-goers will enjoy themselves and not experience any harm. On rare occasions, it does happen though, so for your own safety and peace of mind – be sure to know where the First Aid points are located and if you or someone else is a victim of crime – be sure to always report it to the Festival's security team. Festival security will always be able to help, especially if they have good CCTV coverage.

How do CCTV cameras make the difference and offer me more security?

Technology is changing all the time. High-quality HD cameras are able to capture clear images that old and outdated CCTV can not. Whilst old cameras tended to only catch slow, jumpy images, HD cameras are able to film in real-time and offer an uninterrupted view. Instead of the old methods where footage was kept on insecure and often unreliable, removable media such as videos tapes, compact discs or even memory cards, the images from modern-day cameras can be delivered to a secure hard-drive, even direct to you in whatever location you may be in. This helps to make your view of the area more secure and offers more of an assurance to everyone that they can go about their day in a safe and secure environment. Gone too are the days when fitting and then operating a CCTV system was a difficult process to undertake – today it is as easy as installing an operating any electrical device!

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