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There can be no denying that sport is probably the most popular pastime in the UK - there aren't many other events that attract tens of thousands of people in one place on a regular basis. For example, England Rugby's Twickenham Stadium and even the Wimbledon Tennis Championships regularly attract crowds of 50,000-80,000 people per day (in 2015, Wimbledon attracted almost half a million spectators over its 13 day run!). Whilst the vast majority of people are reasonably well-behaved, the sheer numbers of such large crowds can open up a potential disorder problem, which may affect fellow supporters, staff or the athletes. To combat this, many sporting arenas have organised security teams – which includes CCTV's cameras that keep a vigilant watch and security staff are able to spot any problems that are about to arise or have already taken place. This peace of mind allows the thousands of people who attend these events, do so safe in the knowledge that they can enjoy their day and be captured in the moment!

Like anything in life however, the best way to prevent any harm coming to us, is if we take simple steps to prevent it happening in the first place. Even though the coverage of CCTV in London and the stadiums in the surrounding areas is plentiful, problems arise when we don't look after ourselves. With that, here are a few tips on keeping yourself save at any sporting event you attend

  • Arrive early – getting to your seat is perhaps one of the most challenging things to do in any stadium when the match is about to start! If you take your seat late, people will have to stand up, you'll be flustered, they'll be upset at you – and you could also potentially miss some of the action! So be sure to get there in good time, relax, drink in the atmosphere and look forward to a great game!

  • Research what you can or cannot take in – There are differing rules – sometimes set by the Stadium owners, the individual sport's governing body, or the Police – as to what you are allowed to take into stadiums or arenas. This includes things like, taking in your own food and drink, cameras, even your bags. Alcohol, for example, is not permitted to be consumed within sight of the playing area during a professional football match (let alone being permitted take you own!) but you are allowed to take your own drinks into a tennis match, for example. So be sure that you are familiar with the events rules, to avoid any confusion on the day.

  • Familiarise yourself with security – All sports arenas will have security staff on hand. So if you see any issues that could potentially cause any problems – be sure to report it right away. There are specialist security staff to deal with crowd disturbances, security, first aid, even fires – so be sure to notice where the nearest steward is located as you take your seat. With the coverage of CCTV at these events, any crime

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