CCTV Systems For Hotels – How Much Is Too Much?

Posted by Global Vue on 23/05/2016 15:42:00

Video surveillance and security has become an extremely important part of the modern world. This is extremely evident when it comes to the hospitality industry. CCTV systems for hotels are extremely important for protecting staff and guests, as well as your property itself. The demand for the very best CCTV is constantly growing and, without it, it can be almost impossible to ensure that your property remains safe and secure against potential threats and damages.

Thanks to advances in technology, the functionality of these CCTV solutions is more diverse than ever. Live feeds, for example, can be accessed by portable devices on the move. It's easier than ever to keep an eye on your property, without compromising your guest's reasonable expectations of privacy.

How Much CCTV Is Too Much?

The use of cameras to monitor employees and guests needs to be managed and undertaken in a tactful and professional manner. When you decide to improve your property's security through intelligent CCTV positioning, you need to balance the need to keep an eye on your property with the need to offer a comfortable and non-intrusive environment.

You need to ensure that these two responsibilities are balanced in such a way that still allows you to offer the best security, without compromising your guests' expectations of privacy. With that in mind, you can never record in those areas which have the expectation of privacy. That can include anywhere from the guests' rooms to a staff toilet.

Knowing where to draw the line as part of your video surveillance is extremely important. If you go too far, you could negatively impact your business; that could be anything from customer discomfort and employees feeling like they aren't trusted to lawsuits resulting from a breach of privacy.

Keep a close eye on your public areas. A simple way of looking where to draw the line, however, is to think about where you would be happy being recorded. Hotel rooms and possibly even private areas in a gym or swimming pool should be left private, but corridors lobbies and elevators are all areas that you need to keep under close surveillance for everyone's safety and security.

How To Make The Most Of Modern Technology With Your CCTV

Thanks to advances in technology, installing the perfect video surveillance solution for your hospitality business is easier than ever. Today, the digital cameras that you'll be including in your security solution will have a range of different features that can function extremely well within the hospitality industry.

For example, the digital storage of footage for a short period of time (seven to ten days) can be a great advantage. It allows you to go back through your recorded footage and save any important events or relevant information that might be useful further down the line. It can be useful, if you intend to store lots of information for a longer period of time, to invest in software that will compress video files in order to allow easier and more compact storage.

Digital CCTV systems for hotels which provide in-built analytics can be extremely useful, especially when it comes to tracking individual movements. Most systems will provide motion detection which enables them to start recording only when something is happening. This can be a great way to save energy and ensure that you only capture events of importance. Beyond that, however, you probably won't need to spend a lot of money on fancy analytics software that you will hardly ever use.

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