CCTV Systems For Schools To Keep An Eye On Parents

Posted by Global Vue on 20/05/2016 10:18:00

Anyone who has to drive past a school on the way to work, or drop their kids off, will be aware that there are some parents who seem to think that the rules of the road don't apply to them. This can end up with altercations outside the school gates, which really don't set a good example for pupils or potentially dangerous manoeuvres which really aren't acceptable when younger students are trying to cross the road.

Many schools across the country have sent out newsletters to inform parents of the dangers of these actions, but they rarely seem to make an impact. It's no surprise then, that several schools in Lincolnshire are using CCTV systems for schools to fight these illegal actions and snare parents who drop their kids off at unsuitable locations.

A CCTV Pilot Scheme To Combat Illegal And Dangerous School Runs

It's already attracted controversy, but the Lincolnshire County Council have proposed using CCTV systems for schools to catch and deter school run traffic which parks and drops off within the zig-zags outside of the schools gates.

It is a well known fact that pedestrians and pupils are all put at risk by parents who are in a rush, that regularly park irresponsibly outside schools. There are many instances of parents parking across nearby driveways, blocking residents into their own properties, or even just stopping in the middle of the road to let their kids jump out. Both of these are majorly inconvenient and irresponsible.

CCTV To Generate Penalty Charge Notices For Parents

Many schools already have wardens in place, but it is extremely difficult for them to deter people from parking there as they quickly take off again. It can also be difficult for them to record registration plates quick enough to ensure that they correct notices are sent out to the right homes.

Instead, the proposed scheme will rely on a nearby CCTV van which will record motorists who park within the zig-zags or on double yellow lines. This CCTV footage will then be used to generate a Penalty Charge Notice, which will be posted to the vehicle's owner.

Where Will This Scheme Be Put Into Practice?

As the scheme is still only a pilot, it will take place at eight different schools in Lincolnshire, spread across the county. The schools involved in the pilot are:

  • St. Francis Hill School, Bristol Drive, Lincoln.
  • The Priory Witham Academy, Shannon Avenue, Lincoln.
  • William Alvey Primary School, Sleaford.
  • St. Thomas' School, Wyberton Low Road, Boston.
  • Boston West Academy, Sussex Avenues, Boston.
  • National Junior School, Castlegate, Grantham.
  • Bourne Grammar School.
  • Westfield School, Bourne.

If the scheme successfully deters parents from parking and dropping their children off in illegal zones, then it is likely that it will be used across the county and may even be spread across the country.

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CCTV systems for schools have already had a major impact on the behaviour and attitudes of pupils on school grounds, and are widely used to evaluate teacher performance. It is extremely important that any CCTV systems for schools that are installed are done so with the utmost care to ensure that they don't negatively affect the comfort and confidence of pupils and teachers.

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