CCTV Systems, Safe Cities And You

Posted by Global Vue on 26/08/2015 16:03:00

Every security conscious property, from retail outlets, hotels, schools, restaurants and even domestic buildings, features some form of CCTV system. Whilst these systems work well as a means of deterring and recording crime in a very limited area, for businesses to truly make the most of them, they need to understand how they can utilise their systems to truly help the police and to make their systems available in the event of a court case.

Chief Inspector Mick Neville, of the Metropolitan Police Service, has said that although CCTV has proven to an effective investigation tool, its full potential has still yet to be realised.

CCTV Systems And Safe Cities

Chief Inspector Neville said that 'we've spent millions of pounds on installing CCTV systems, without necessarily thinking how they are going to be used effectively. As far as I'm concerned, if you have adequate CCTV – with proper coverage of an area including cameras that are positioned to take good images of people's faces, you have a major contribution to a safe city'.

He went on to raise concerns with regards to the level of knowledge which people have regarding their own CCTV systems, claiming that 'eighty percent of people who own systems don't know how to use them properly.'

Whilst a great percentage of cameras are put in place by town or city authorities, there are still a great number of cameras which are owned by businesses and private corporations. Neville believes that these systems could be put to a much greater use. If the information they obtained was made more readily, or even instantly, available to the police force and the courts, then this would result in much safer cities overall.

'Fundamentally,' he went on to say, 'the owner of a CCTV system needs to think of it as an end-to-end process, with the end user being the police and the courts. Putting up cameras and then not knowing how to get the most out of them is rather like a military general buying thousands of machine guns and then not training his soldiers how to use them.'

The Best CCTV Systems, From Global Vue

If you want to effectively contribute to the overall safety of your two or city, then you need to ensure that you are using the very latest camera models as part of your surveillance system. Understanding how you can effectively use your system is the first step to dramatically reducing the amount of illegal or antisocial activity that takes place in your area of business.

Here at Global Vue, we are dedicated to making your environment as safe as we possibly can. Our team of loss-prevention specialists will personally install your chosen solution, and ensure that you know how best to use it. We hope that your CCTV system will never need to be used, but for the most effective loss-prevention strategies, you cannot afford not to have them in place.

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