Could IP CCTV Offer The Quickest Route To Efficiency?

Posted by Global Vue on 01/06/2016 10:04:00

IP CCTV systems are quickly maturing and becoming the most sophisticated and essential security solution for any business. Today, they aren’t just used for protecting a property; instead, the wide range of usable software associated with the internet-protocol models means that they are able to offer a much wider range of advantages than any alternative which has come before.

The Main Advantages Of IP CCTV Systems For Unlocking Efficiency

There are three main areas in which IP solutions are able to offer the most powerful advantages. If you’re looking to unlock complete efficiency in your retail or commercial location, then you need to consider:

1. The ability to distribute both live and recorded video to anywhere in the world, thanks to smart mobile devices.

2. The use of video and retail analytics to transform visual data into business intelligence.

3. The ability to use software to actively visualise a problem, allowing quick and easy analysis and improvement.

The Distribution Of Video Via The Internet

The ability to distribute the video that these solutions capture can significantly improve communication and collaboration between all interested parties. That means that authorised people from all over the world can take part in a real, instant discussion about any recorded or live footage.

This can be absolutely essential for anyone working in an emergency situation. For example, if a fight breaks out on a train platform, security personnel nearby will be able to access CCTV on their mobile devices to see how the fight started as well as any other individuals involved who might have hidden in the crowd. This can also enable security personnel to defuse the situation that much faster, enabling them to protect other travellers, as well as the infrastructure of the railway.

The potential for instant transmission of accurate, live footage from IP CCTV systems is virtually endless, and has already started to be useful in all kinds of industries, from high-level construction to retail and even organisations like zoos who might require the advice of animal specialists from across the world.

The Use Of Intelligent Video Analytics Software

There is a range of ways in which analytics software can help to optimise the efficiency of IP CCTV systems. One of the most common uses tends to be retail analytics, which can enable features like footfall counting and can even provide a detailed breakdown of customer movement. This feature enables retailers to understand how customers progress through their store and how long they spend in specific areas – that means that the design of the store can be optimised for complete efficiency.

Other features can include things like automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) which can be essential when it comes to identifying people without insurance, or who are otherwise not legally allowed to drive. Facial recognition is also becoming more widely used across the world, for both security and efficiency reasons.

Visualising A Problem Through Intelligent IP CCTV Systems

With video management systems, you can dynamically use the software to visualise any issues that your property is suffering. The best way to understand any complex problem is to sketch it out and visualise it. Thanks to IP CCTV systems, you can view the problem in an easily understandable manner, which can allow you to make the best possible decision to resolve the issue.

Improve Your Business’ Efficiency With IP CCTV Systems From Global Vue

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