Could Your Business Be The Victim Of Internal Theft?

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No business or store owner wants to think that their employees would steal from their store. However, everyday merchants are discovering that some of their most trusted staff members have done just that, whether it is stealing company equipment or taking money from a till during checkout.

It's no wonder that more and more businesses are ensuring that their CCTV systems in London aren't just keeping an eye out for antisocial or criminal behaviour from customers,but that they can monitor staff around sensitive points within the store as well.

What Is Internal Theft?

Internal theft, simply, is when someone who works for or represents your company uses their position to steal from your businesses or their peers.In the past, surveys have discovered that internal theft can cost a company much more than that caused by a shoplifter. Back in 2012, a survey conducted byJack L. Hayes International revealed that employees steal 5.5 times more than shoplifters on a per-case average.

In a time when many businesses are already struggling, unethical and criminal staff members can really bring a company to its knees if they aren't stopped.

How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Internal Theft?

By following these great tips, you will be able to reduce the risk of internal theft and greatly improve your business' overall security:

  • Surround Yourself With Employees You Trust – Where possible, run a quick background check on all employees, preferably during the application or trial periods. Thepast is often a great way to predict future actions, and if someone has beenconvicted of theft in the past, then you definitely don't want them handlingyour money.

  • The Buddy System – Now, most internal thefts will only occur when the opportunity arises; this means that an employee would need to be alone in the store or at the register. When possible, try to have two employeesworking together in these areas and at both opening and closing time.

    Introduce a store policy which says that any refunds and voided products are witnessed by a second employee. Rotate the employees paired together and avoidhaving close friends witness transactions for one another.
  • Get To Know Your Employees! – It is much easier for someone to steal from you if you don't know them very well, but if you have a developed relationship with them then it is much, much harder. Try to connect with youremployees and spend some time with them.

    If they have any financial difficulties or are undergoing high levels of stress, then you might be able to help them out; even if it involved making minor changes throughout your company.
  • Use CCTV! – If your employees, and your customers, now that they are always being recorded, then they are far less likely to consider illegal activity. CCTV systems in London can drastically reduce the risk of internal or external theft. Not only will a videosurveillance systems help to deter employees, but they can also be used tocatch theft once it has occurred.

    Include closed-circuit cameras in sensitive areas throughout your businesses,from your registers to your stockroom, your employee's break area/lockers and any other areas, such as a safe room. Remember to use HD video so that you canclearly identify your employees by their features.

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