Data Sharing: Is It Time To Connect IP Security Camera Systems?

Posted by Global Vue on 02/06/2016 09:14:00

We’ve all heard about the supposed ‘Big Brother’ state of London and the UK. It’s been alleged that London has more surveillance than most of America combined, and that we, as a nation, have more CCTV per person than any other nationality on Earth. What these people fail to mention, however, is that most of these security cameras are owned by businesses rather than operated by local authorities, which makes them private property.

With the rise in IP security camera systems, however, could it finally be time to join up isolated networks in order to create a more reliable and comprehensive surveillance solution for businesses and the general public?

Why Should We Join Up IP Security Camera Systems?

Thanks to the increase in IP security cameras systems around the country, we are all able to protect our property with technology that offers an increased range of features. This can include thinks like higher-quality images, real flexibility and day/night capabilities. There is a much wider range of camera models in use today, from domes to bullets and more. By joining up these comprehensive and varied systems, we could all benefit from a much more diverse solution to protect our property.

Here’s the thing; having an isolated network is fine for local coverage, particularly for internal coverage, but today’s threats are anything but local. Organised criminal gangs, for example, are known to operate on a national level and are well known for exploiting the areas between police service.

This can become even worse if you happen to be in charge of security for a large chain of stores; if a criminal gang discovers a security hole in one store, then the chances are they will exploit that same weakness on a national scale. By linking your surveillance with other local businesses, you can eliminate these blank spots, and ensure that your property is completely protected.

What’s The Problem With Isolated Networks?

Discreet and isolated IP security camera systems operating in isolation will never realise their full potential. Isolated networks can only do so much to protect a property, they are unlikely to be comprehensive and are also difficult to access for local authorities. As the numbers of policemen on the street is being cut on a fairly regular basis, any additional help or evidence that your business can provide is more likely to result in catching the perpetrators of any crimes.

Thanks to these advances in technology, we are able to quickly and easily ensure that any relevant CCTV footage is sent to the local authorities. This can clear a lot of the paperwork out of the way, and ensure that your footage is sent to the right people as soon as possible.

Could The Future Of IP Security Camera Systems Be Data Sharing?

We understand that this is still a long way off, particularly so long as we have the idea of the ‘Big Brother’ state in our minds. However, there are real advantages to setting up shared systems through your local area, even if it is only in conjunction with other businesses.

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