Did You Know That Most CCTV Installations In London Are Privately Owned?

Posted by Global Vue on 23/10/2015 09:03:00

There are somewhere in the region of 6 million CCTV cameras in the UK, ranging from train stations and shops to high streets, retail outlets and domestic systems. That can seem like a scary number when you don't take the huge benefits that these systems can offer into consideration, but it might surprise you to learn that most of these cameras aren't actually operated by the government.

Instead, more than 90% of all cameras in operation today are operated by businesses, homeowners and other individuals rather than government bodies or local authorities. In the past, there have been many arguments with regards to the risk of Britain becoming a surveillance state, but as few of these cameras are actually operated by the government, these arguments are blown out of proportion.

More people and businesses than ever before are choosing to make the most of CCTV installations in London to help to defend their property, their family and their employees from criminal or antisocial activity.

How Many Publicly Owned CCTV Cameras Are There?

A study, released in 2013, counted 6 million cameras in the UK. Of these cameras, it was said that only 70,255 cameras were actually in the public control – defined by local authorities, the police and governmental departments – which is only between 1.2 and 1.7% of the overall number.

At the last count, local authorities have 59,573 cameras spread across Britain, whilst the police are reported to have control of 10,502. Transport for London is said that have around 13,00 cameras spread throughout the Tube Network, which works out at an average of 52 cameras for the 250 stations which make up the network. Schools and other educational facilities are said to have between 290,000 and 370,000 cameras across the entire country.

Privately Owned CCTV Cameras

Thanks to the increasing availability of high-quality CCTV camera systems, private owners and businesses are the largest group with security surveillance solutions in place. Rather than running the risk of becoming a “Big-Brother" state, business owners have realised the major advantages of video surveillance to protect their property and their employees.

There are a whole range of benefits that private surveillance systems can provide, including:

  • Protection against false entry, burglary and shoplifting,
  • Protection from false claims, physical violence and an accurate portrayal of events as they occur,
  • Protection against staff fraud and internal collusion,
  • Protection from anti-social behaviour, including vandalism and property damage.

The Misplaced Notion Of A Surveillance State

In fact, rather than the issue of a surveillance state developing, researchers and industry specialists have actually called for tighter regulations over personal surveillance use. An excellent example of this is the Data Protections Act of 1998, which gives people the right to demand to see any CCTV footage that businesses might have acquired which features them. Unfortunately, due to a lack of available equipment and uncooperative staff, this is often difficult to obtain.

Rather than worry about the state of security cameras, it is better to focus on the failures of archaic systems which can make it extremely difficult for businesses to provide the footage as required by law.

High-Quality CCTV Installations In London

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