Does Your CCTV System Leave Your Open To A Cyber Attack?

Posted by Global Vue on 03/06/2016 09:32:00

New research published by Cloudview has revealed that a large percentage of IP CCTV systems are potentially creating more risks for businesses than they are providing security. Whilst these video surveillance solutions are helping to protect physical assets, they are potentially providing an open door to cyber attackers, hackers and other malware.

This is serious news for many larger organisations which have understood the advantages of IP cameras, but have not taken the time to effectively protect themselves from potential attackers through this new medium.

Are Your CCTV Systems Protected Against Digital Threats?

Just like any internet-enabled device, both cloud-based and DVR-based CCTV systems are open to threats from hackers and cyber attackers. The security flaws which exist, naturally, in all such devices can allow people to gain access to the device's IP address. That means that these unsecured solutions could, potentially, offer a backdoor into even the otherwise most secure system.

This backdoor could be a real issue in your digital security solution, particularly if they are installed after the rest of your IT system is protected. By failing to protect these internet-enabled devices, you could be putting your people, data, property and even your entire business in jeopardy.

How Was This 'Backdoor' Discovered?

During the research, five routers, DVRs and IP cameras which operated on the latest software but without any additional security were activated and left on the open internet. One with breached within a few minutes and, within less than a day, two more were under the control of an online attacker. A third was rendered unusable by a cyber attack.

Unfortunately, this is much more serious than the loss of some video surveillance hardware. When the attackers gain access to a DVR-based system, they then have the ability to use it as a small web server. That means it can be used as a base of operations to allow attacks against the remainder of the network to extract large quantities of data.

There are similar issues around many cloud-based services without the correct protection.

Why Is This A Dangerous Threat To Business?

Any organisation is bound to have sensitive information; they could be anything from operating funds to customer's personal information. Any insecure device which is connected to the internet could provide entry into your entire system. Anybody who gains access to your system, through any means, can really impact your business in a negative way. Their malicious activities could involve stealing information and selling it on, or even undertaking a DDos (distributed denial-of-service) attack which can have long lasting effects on your company's reputation.

Choose Global Vue For Secure CCTV Systems For Your Commercial Property

Here at Global Vue, we specialise in creating completely unique and secure internet-enabled CCTV systems. Our systems are some of the most secure available, ensuring that your business will be able to keep the potential backdoor closed and deny access to malicious attackers through intelligent digital security.

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