Global Vue Launch People Counting Software

Posted by Global Vue on 24/07/2015 15:03:00

New for 2015, is the latest partnership for Global Vue who have join forces with Prism Skylab's people counting software. The partnership allows Global Vue to give you people counting and CCTV analytics for retail.

This cutting edge software can transform any security camera into a powerful business intelligence tool.

The system can not only count people and measure crowd size in any area of your business or premises, but it can also understand movement, activity, and product interaction.
This is the really special bit…

It uses heat maps to show footfall and can be programmed to understand products on shelves and to give data back to the admin consul (which can be access on a mobiles, tablets and laptops), as to which of the products where looked at most.

Finally you can actually see how customers behave in your stores.

Find out more upon our People Counting Software page


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