HD TVI CCTV – Innovation & The Future Of Analogue Surveillance

Posted by Global Vue on 07/06/2016 09:52:00

Despite the prolific and, apparently, unstoppable growth of IP security systems, there is no doubt that analogue isn't going anywhere. HD TVI CCTV is the industry-leading analogue surveillance solution for a range of business. Now, we're not suggesting that IP is merely a passing trend, but everything points to the idea of the two different mediums co-existing.

Analogue solutions are always going to be used by smaller businesses, and it's easy to understand why. They are cheaper than higher-end alternatives as well as being easy to operate once installed.

The Future Of Analogue Surveillance With HD TVI CCTV

Many video surveillance specialists were extremely quick to herald the death of analogue once IP started to really take over in corporate circles. However, that hasn't stopped many manufacturers from continuing to dedicate their time to continuing to improve the world of analogue CCTV.

Innovations in analogue haven't stopped yet largely thanks to the powerful HD TVI CCTV solutions that many businesses are still utilising. These innovations are a clear signal that analogue surveillance isn't going anywhere yet.

Innovations In Analogue CCTV

Just some of the latest innovations in analogue video surveillance include:

  • AHD, CVI and HD TVI CCTV all support incredible signal reach. When it comes to TVI, you have the option to run a cable from the ground to the top of the Empire State Building, and still have enough cable over for most commercial establishments. That's somewhere in the region of 450 metres.

  • Taking inspiration from the IP alternatives, 1080p resolution is now the industry standard for analogue surveillance. Today, there are HD analogue options available in both 3 and 5 megapixels – that's rivalling anything that can be obtained through an IP solution.

  • Thanks to the development of analogue DVRs, practically every kind of analogue option is still usable on modern designs. That means that you can upgrade your system piece by piece, in order to prevent major security costs crippling your business. The issue of having to choose specific models of camera to suit your DVR is quickly disappearing, as manufacturers invest more time and money keeping analogue up to date with IP.

  • Whatever the name, many analogue solutions are actually able to connect to the internet if desired. As modern DVR recorders use hard drives, you can view and manage your system from any external computer, provided that you have the right PC software of mobile application.

Analogue Is Far From Dead – Choose HD TVI CCTV From Global Vue

Here at Global Vue, we understand that neither analogue nor IP CCTV is going to win in the long run. Instead, these two different technologies are going to work alongside each other to provide diverse and perfect solutions depending on the business' specific needs.

Whether you want to protect your store, office or home with an internet-protocol or analogue solution, the professional video surveillance team at Global Vue are here for you. For more information, or to protect your property with HD TVI CCTV, get in touch with Global Vue on 0844 544 3955 today.

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