Hikvision’s Easy IP Solutions’ Advanced Features For SMBs

Posted by Global Vue on 04/12/2015 07:19:00

Hikvision are the world’s leading provider of high-quality video security and surveillance systems, and they are constantly innovating and evolving their products to provide a higher quality product, with an ever-increasing range of features, without making them extremely complicated to set up.

Their Easy IP solution is one of the most rapidly improving IP CCTV systems in the world, and it has recently enjoyed a massive boost in the amount of features that it can boast. Easy IP includes a diverse range of Wi-Fi cameras and NVRs, which has made it popular amongst those businesses and homeowners looking for high-levels of video security.

What Are The Newest Additions To The Easy IP Solution?

Already an industry-leading system for its simplicity and ease of use, thanks to its high-quality auto-detection and auto-connection features, Easy IP has only continued to improve thanks to Hikvision’s focus on high-quality surveillance hardware.

The newest additions to the range now bring unbeatable 4MP, ultra-high resolution, 120dB WDR and H.264+ optimised Smart codec, aimed at improving the usability and potential for video surveillance in smaller to medium-sized businesses.

The latest Easy IP Solution has been designed to make installation as easy as possible and highly secure for any and all users involved. The Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)-equipped NVRs mean that there is no need for a separate power supply to each camera within the system. Continuing the focus on security and reliability, the new 4MP panoramic fisheye camera allows the easy and reliable coverage of the entire room, whether it is a retail outlet or an office space, from a single point. This eliminates the need for several fixed cameras at various points throughout the room, though they will still be useful in those cases where there are blind spots as a result of your interior design and layout.

One of the most exciting additions to the range is the recessed-mount dome cameras, which enable installers to simply use existing downlight installations to fit their surveillance solution. These cameras are further improved with motorised lenses and with their pan-tilt and PTZ functionality, which remove the need for post-installation camera and lens direction positioning.

What Are The Main Features Of Easy IP?

Continuing their focus on system simplicity, PoE NVRs from this range will automatically allocate an IP address to each camera once it has been connected, which completely removes the risk of delays as a result of post-installation IP configuration. This can hugely save time when it comes to larger installations or entire system updates.

Most cameras in the Easy IP range feature the latest in onboard storage and offer high-compression efficiency codecs to reduce the burden that has been placed on the transmission and storage capacities of the system. It might not seem like this is such a major improvement, but this is hugely important for HD IP systems, which often have extremely high bandwidth requirements, and information storage costs can be a major concern.

Just to put it in perspective, a standard H.264 camera, operating at full 1080p resolution over the course of a month, can require as much as 1.2 TB of space. Hikvision’s H.264+ optimised intelligent technology can help to reduce storage consumption by as much as two-thirds.

Are Easy IP Systems Suitable For Remote Access?

All Hikvision Easy IP cameras support the Ezviz Cloud, which is a P2P service that enables remote access from any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. This means that, so long as you have access to the internet, you can view the live footage from our CCTV and recorded video files.

Ezviz also includes intelligent alarm support, meaning that any intrusion or the development of any emergency event can be instantly recognised and resolved.

Choose The Easy IP Solution, For Your CCTV Security Requirements

This IP CCTV system features a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras, which are designed to meet a wide variety of specific requirements. The Easy IP range is composed of bullets, domes, panoramic, cube and PTZ styles, each one suitable for a different situation.

For more information on the benefits of a user-friendly, simple to install IP CCTV system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a team of video surveillance specialists. Get in touch with Global Vue today on 0844 544 3955 or, if you have any questions, you can email them to our team directly at sales@globalvue.co.uk.

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