Hikvision’s Fisheye Camera – New Product Of The Year

Posted by Global Vue on 07/09/2015 09:59:00

Hikvision, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of CCTV systems and video surveillance hardware, is no stranger when it comes to incredible products. Recently, one of their latest industry innovations, the 3MP 360 Fisheye Camera has been declared the New Product of the Year by Security Products magazine in the IP Camera Wide Dynamic Range category.

Over the years, Hikvision have worked to develop cutting-edge security technology, and are dedicated to making homes, businesses and properties ever more secure when it comes to criminal and antisocial behaviour.

The Product of The Year

Boasting technology which really makes it stand out from its security competitors, Hikvision was the first video surveillance security company to offer 30 frames-per-second fisheye view in full resolution. Hikvision managed to incorporate completely unique wide-dynamic-range imaging (WDR) algorithms to provide an industry-leading, 120dB range of dynamic processing.

Hikvision Fisheye CCTV systems also include an IR cut-filter, along with IR LEDs, to ensure a complete 360 degree IR illumination and imaging down to an incredible 0lux. The camera itself boasts 1/1.8" progressive scan CMOS sensors, which provide high-resolution images of up to 3072 x 2048.

The Fisheye's integrated IR allows for an even disbursement over the entire image, which ensures the elimination of hotspots and imaging blind spots. In fact, IR functionality provides up to 50 feet of visibility in both low and zero-light conditions.

Ralph C. Jensen, the editor-in-chief of Security Products magazine, said that “This year was by far the most exciting New Products competition that we've ever had. Technology still reigns as the order of the day in the security industry."


The Senior Product Leader of Hikvision, USA, Bob Germain, stated that Hikvision was “excited to be recognised again as a leader in the video surveillance industry. As we strive to bring innovative products to the marketplace, our focus remains on combining technological advances with cost efficient solutions for a broad range of vertical markets. This award highlights our dedication to pushing the envelope on video technology."

Hikvision are a specialist manufacturer of high-quality video surveillance technology, which includes the design and manufacture of a full-line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products.

Industry-Leading CCTV Systems, From Global Vue

Ensuring that your home or business takes advantage of the very best CCTV systems is essential if you want to enjoy a safe and secure environment. CCTV systems work to discourage anti-social and criminal behaviour of all kinds. However, in the event of any such issue occurring, only with the very best video surveillance solutions, such as Hikvision's Fisheye camera, will you be able to provide detailed evidence after the event.

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