Hikvision’s HD TVI CCTV Explained!

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TVI is one of the best HD video over analogue CCTV systems. With HDTVI CCTV, there is no riskof the user receiving a lower quality service than older system designs such asHD-SDI (Serial Digital Interface) and HD-CVI (Composite Video Interface). Allthree of these systems pre-process the video signal at the camera itself beforethe information is transmitted via the analogue cable.


The current trend towards the high-quality HD-TVI hardware wasdeveloped, originally, by Techpoint. As it was developed as an open-sourcepiece of software, it was quickly snapped up and improved upon by theworld-leading provider of high-quality surveillance technologies, Hikvision.

HD-TVI stands for High-Definition Transport Video Interface and has adiverse range of features which make it stand out from its predecessors andrelevant competitors.

What Makes HD-TVI CCTV StandOut?

  • 1080p/720p Video Signal (25/30fps)
  • Longer Transmission Capabilities, Between 300 And 500 Metres
  • No Video Loss Or Interruption
  • Real-Time View Without Delay
  • Can Transmit A Range Of Signal Over One Coaxial Cable, Including Video, Audio And Dual-Way Data

Perhaps most useful for large-scale organisations, however, is the factthat HD-TVI is compatible with a diverse range of existing D1/960H cameras. Itcan also use exactly the same analogue cabling as currently in place for manysystems. This means that even the largest of systems can be quickly and easilyupgraded.

Why Are Hikvision's HD-TVI CCTVThe Best?

Hikvision's diverse range of cameras can connect to a variety ofstandard analogue systems, allowing a more gentle and staggered upgrade, whichcan be a great option for those with large systems. Their TVI-DVRs can connectto multiple IP cameras as well, although they will only connect tointernet-protocol models which are operating with the Hikvision's compatibilityprotocol. They will offer high-definition video feeds, including both 720p and1080p, which are the highest quality images currently available from the videosurveillance world.

HD TVI CCTV is a revolutionary technology whicheffectively allows security personnel to deliver uncompressed, high-resolutionvideo content over a traditional coaxial cable.

The Problems With HD-CVI And HD-SDI!

HD-SDI is still available, of course, although it is rapidly beingphased out across the world in favour of modern, higher-quality equivalents.The major problem with SDI has always been its unreliability; although it doeswork with coaxial cables, it requires them to be in pristine condition, whichhas often resulted in organisations purchasing these models for theirsimplicity, and finding that they need to refit their entire system anyway. AsSDI is one of the most expensive forms of CCTV out there, this can be a realblow to a business or property of any size.

HD-CVI is an expensive and fairly unreliable CCTV system. As it is onlymade by one manufacturer, it is also limited in compatibility with otherproducts. It isn't backwards-compatible either, making it useless for mostbusinesses. It might also be worth noting that the same manufacturer has begunto move into the world of HD-TVI as well; if that doesn't act as a signal forthe death of HD-CVI, then we don't know what could!

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