Hikvision Expanding IP Security Camera Systems To Offer More Features!

Posted by Global Vue on 18/02/2016 09:51:00

Here at Global Vue, we are the UK's leading provider of high-quality Hikvision cameras and video surveillance software. Hikvision is the world's most advanced provider of IP security camera systems for uses of all kinds. With high-quality solutions available for businesses and homeowners, we are delighted to provide these products to our customers.

We are excited by the news that Hikvision is expanding its Easy IP Solution, a family of cameras and NVRs, in order to drive CCTV technology and make the process of its installation and integration easier and quicker than ever before, without resulting in a loss of functionality or reliability of service.

The Latest Members Of The Easy IP Family!

The newest additions to the range bring a diverse variety of new features, designed to improve the brand's usability for a range of businesses and homeowners. These new models include many new features and benefits which their predecessor were lacking, including:

· 4MP Ultra-High Resolution;

· 120dB WDR;

· H.264+ Optimised Smart Codec;

· And Much More!

These models have been designed from scratch to provide the very best in video surveillance hardware to small and medium-sized businesses. Retail outlets like these are the ones with the most to gain from advanced security solutions, and yet they are often left behind compared to larger stores and office buildings.

The Advantages Of Easy IP Security Camera Systems!

Quick And Simple To Install!

These new models have been designed with simplicity and usability in mind, and so they are extremely easy to install for all users. The Power-over-Ethernet NVRs means that you needn't have a separate cable to provide power to the equipment, which can really make the installation process that much quicker.

There are a range of cameras in this family, and one of the most impressive is the 4MP panoramic fisheye camera that allows comprehensive coverage of a store or office space without the need for several different cameras.

Easy Video Storage

With most cameras offering on-board storage, Hikvision's Easy IP solutions can offer high-compressions to reduce the burden that these models place on your transmission and storage elements. This is significant for HD systems, where the bandwidth and storage costs can often be a major concern, particularly for smaller businesses and homes.

Advanced Viewing And Management

All Hikvision Easy IP cameras support the EZVIZ Cloud-P2P service, which allows the user to remotely access their video surveillance feeds from their mobile devices. This means that you can quickly and easily view both live and recorded video content from anywhere with an internet connection. EZVIZ also includes intelligent Alarm support so that any form of intrusion, or other emergency event, can be precisely recognised and dealt with.

A Diverse Range Of Cameras

The Easy IP security camera system range of indoor and outdoor cameras is designed to meet a wide variety a user requirements, and ensure that it can offer a simple solution for any circumstances. The range features cameras of all designs, including:

· Bullet Cameras;

· Dome Cameras;

· Panoramic Models;

· Cube Cameras;

· PTZ Styles.

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