Hikvision's 2MP IR Bullet Joins The Easy IP Solution Range!

Posted by Global Vue on 08/04/2016 11:38:00

Hikvision are one of the world's leading providers of CCTV systems for retail and other forms of properties. They have established their presence by their incredible dedication to high-quality products that are ideal for a wide range of situations. Just as many of their solutions are suitable for industrial and domestic use as they are for the more common retail usage.

What Is Hikvision's Easy IP Range?

One of our favourite ranges of internet-protocol CCTV, Hikvision's Easy IP cameras are an absolute please to install and link up thanks to their simplicity. Featuring a diverse range of IP cameras, they have been designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible without offering a substandard service.

Each of these cameras is designed with PoE (power-over-Ethernet) in mind, which allows an extremely easy installation. This means that they only need to one cable, eliminating the need for multiple wires to run throughout your building simply to fit your CCTV solutions.

This range of internet protocol cameras is one of the most varied and reliable in the world, and already thousands of homes, businesses and organisations are taking advantage of these great products for the very best results. A wide range of recessed dome cameras can allow security professional to keep an eye on a wide area, whilst the variety of panoramic fisheye cameras is suitable for a more diverse range of situations, including CCTV systems for retail.

All Hikvision Easy IP cameras support the EZVIV Cloud, which is a P2P service that allows you to access a live video feed from your personal device, including smartphones and tablets. That means you can review live and recorded footage from the comfort of your own home. The EZVIZ system also includes Intelligent Alarm to support your business' security. If your property is broken into, or any other emergency events occur, you can be instantly notified to ensure that the issue can be recognised and resolved as quickly as possible.

Hikvision's 2MP IR Bullet CCTV Camera

When it comes to effective CCTV for retail, it is absolutely essential that your business takes advantage of a diverse range of different models, with a range of capabilities. Whilst some CCTV designs are suitable for keeping an eye on a general area, others are better at focusing on specific locations with great detail.

The bullet camera is one of the latter, and offers a tight focus on a particular area. They are particularly useful when used in long corridors and entryways, offering unparalleled video quality.

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