How Can CCTV Protect Retailers From Christmas Shoplifters

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Global Vue are a UK market leader in the sales of retail CCTV systems and security equipment. Able to implement a sufficiently-able high-definition set of cameras in any type of retail operation of any size, we feel that there has been no better time for businesses to make sure that they're sufficiently protected.

How can CCTV cameras offer me more security?

The fast-changing nature of technology has seemingly put a stop to a shoplifter's old methods of 'taking a chance' to steal something from a store, even one with a CCTV system present. In the past, many CCTV systems have proven to be inadequate - used just as a deterrent because the pictures they were able to capture weren't very clear. Today, however, all that has changed – with high-definition equipment becoming more affordable by every passing year, businesses are able to invest in a security system that's able to capture quality images. Whilst old-types of cameras only capture jumpy and grainy black-and-white images, HD cameras are able to film a wide area of the store in full-colour pictures that are extremely clear.

Another benefit to swapping your old cameras for a more-modern one is the issue of storage. Instead of keeping the images on unsecured video tape, disc or even memory cards, the footage can be sent straight to a secure hard-disk in another location. Accessing the footage wherever you are, is another important aspect of retail security that modern CCTV cameras are able to cover – we all can't be in the same place all the time, but at least the CCTV images can come to wherever you may be.

Christmas Shoplifting

Christmas can prove to be a busy time for everyone involved in retail; the last thing that anyone wants to put with is the potential worry that people may be shoplifting from their stores. Implementing a CCTV system into a retail store will bring many benefits, the most-obvious being that the system provides video surveillance and is able to capture footage of shoplifters going about the process in which they steal from the store. Like most security products, however, there are a number of benefits that may not immediately spring to mind, offering a somewhat of a bonus to installing the system.


Here we'll look at those benefits and how they can help your retail operation to crack down on shoplifting at any time of year, but especially during the busy Christmas period.

  • Insurance rates . Insurance companies prefer clients who own properties that offer a low chance of sustaining any damage. With video surveillance equipment being somewhat of an aid in not just capturing shoplifters, but any kind of act that may damage the business - this will factor into the calculation of the rate that the insurance company wishes to charge. Put simply, a low threat level should mean a lower rate for you to pay on your insurance cover.

  • The ability to implement further deterrents . Aside from its ability to record images, CCTV cameras can act as a great deterrent to anyone thinking of stealing from your store. In places where you can't install cameras, like in changing rooms, for example, many retail stores are able to make use of anti-theft signs that will remind people that they're being monitored by CCTV. Chances are, they would have already spotted the cameras as they came in and the signs will act as a reminder to them of that fact. The signs can also be used in areas where there is CCTV coverage too – further reminding them that they're being filmed in the act.

  • Making the use of analytics and statistics . Aside from its ability to act as a security aid for your retail operation, a CCTV camera can also be used to help businesses to better understand the behaviour of their customers. Using the camera's abilities, along with an add-on software package that contains an analytical program, you can track and analyse a customer's movement around the store, as well as their interaction with products when in your premises. This will give you a good insight into what you need to implement within your store, whether your layout needs changing, which areas need to be stocked, if you need more staff etc.

  • Keep an eye on staff . Two unfortunate aspects of running a retail operation include a high turnover of staff and the fact that the business owner can't be present 24/7.Whilst it'll be ideal if we trusted everyone - if you have a regular turnover of staff, then it'll prove impossible to do so. A retail CCTV system can further protect your store from people who may not have the best intentions towards it, plus you'll be able to keep an eye on everyone present, making sure that they are undertaking their roles as planned.

  • Reporting issues outside of the property . Most retail outlets will be situated in a busy street setting, where many people walk or drive past every second. Traffic in particular can prove to be huge problem, as even today, a heavy build-up due to road closures can cause disruption to a business, affecting passing trade. Other issues could include problems with water pipes, electrical works – even people parking in inconsiderate places which affect your business. In all of these cases, footage from a CCTV camera can be used to show the local council how these problems are affecting your business. This will put you in a good position to be able to put in a claim for loss and business disruption, as well as an opportunity to resolve the issue.

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