How Can Expansion Provide The Opportunity To Upgrade Existing CCTV?

Posted by Global Vue on 25/01/2016 09:56:00

There are a lot of things to worry about when your business is expanding, but you needn't make your property's security one of them. When companies are forced to build extensions onto their existing property, take over adjacent property or simply move entirely, remembering to upgrade their security systems can seem like a non-essential task and is often forgotten about in the short term.

If you're moving or expanding your property, you cannot afford to miss out on keeping your CCTV systems in Reading up to date as well, and expansion really can offer the perfect opportunity to bring your video surveillance systems up to date.

Using Your Expansion As A Catalyst For Effective Change!

During moves and expansions is the best time to review your security requirements and evaluate your current systems to see whether or not they meet the needs of your new space, and whether they are operating as effectively as they could be when compared with modern systems and technologies.

Most businesses won't upgrade their security systems for many years, which means that the new features on offer from the latest innovations in closed-circuit television are often overlooked when they could be offering real, practical advantages to the entire business.

One of the best decisions that business can make, when it comes to CCTV systems in Reading, is to swap their entire system over from an analogue system of the past to a modern, industry-leading IP camera system, which can not only offer a range of advantages, but which is much easier to expand and evolve as the need arises.

Why Should You Upgrade To An IP Surveillance System?

  • Analogue's Life Is Coming To An End – Lower-definition cameras and DVRs are reaching the end of their usable lifetime, as support and replacement components are being cut out of circulation. Very soon, it will be almost impossible to repair your older systems, and it can actually be economically viable to evolve your CCTV systems in Reading during your move or expansion.
  • Easy To Install – Internet-Protocol CCTV is extremely easy to install and can be positioned in the ideal positions without causing any issues with the system's setup. Thanks to PoE (Power over Ethernet) solutions, you don't even need to use as many wires as you would previously have had to with regards to an analogue system.
  • Cost Effective – Many companies have been bought off in the past as IP solutions can seem more expensive, but when you take into consideration the diverse range of features that these systems enjoy, you will really be saving a great deal of money, as well as improving the capabilities of your CCTV system.

If your business isn't ready to make the complete switch over to an IP system, but you don't want to fit your new expansion with the latest camera models to prepare your property for the future, then you can utilise encoders, which allow modern cameras to be used on fairly archaic systems, although with limited usability. With encoders, users can swap out their components as they need to in order to begin the upgrade to modern video security solutions.

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