How Can You Improve Your Home Security?

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It can be difficult to ensure that your home is a safe and secure environment, particularly when you are away from your property at work or on holiday. If you've ever been the victim of burglary or criminal activity, then it can be almost impossible to ensure that you will be confident in your home's security whilst you're away.

There are a variety of ways which can help you to improve your property's security, including getting in touch with the very best CCTV installers in London.

An Introduction To Home Security

Of course, we all want to keep our homes, possessions and our family
safe against even the possibility of criminal activity, but without having to
live in a fortress. Thankfully, there is a diverse variety of techniques and
high-quality security devices that can make your home much more difficult to
break into; some can even act aggressively, in that they actively discourage
criminals from considering your property.
For in-depth information, it might be worth getting in touch with your
local police force. They will be happy to offer advice on the best ways to
improve your home security without falling foul of the law yourself.

How Do Burglars Typically Work?

The last thing thieves and burglars want is to find that your house
occupied, and they will almost always wait until the property has been left
alone before attempting to break in. Those burglars who take their time when
considering a property will learn your routine before attempting to break-in.
Oddly enough, most break-ins occur in the early-to-mid afternoon, with
night-time intrusions comparatively rare.
Burglars like to get in and out as quickly as possible, and only grab
things which are readily to hand. Even simple locks and bolts can be an
extremely powerful deterrent or impediment during their attempt. They are also
put off by obvious alarm systems and are more likely to avoid houses with dogs,
particularly if they are aggressive or loud.

Improve Your Home Security And Reduce The Risk Of Being Burgled!

There is a range of ways in which you can reduce the risk of your home
becoming a target for intrusion.

  • Alarms – An intruder alarm system, with a bell-box and obvious lighting is one of the most effective ways at discouraging a criminal. Modern alarms systems,which you can obtain from any reputable security professional, utilise acombination of motion-sensors, along with door and window contact detectors.These can alert you and your neighbours in the event of intrusion or other unwelcome activity within your home.
  • Deadbolts & Locks – By choosing to fit any entry points, and even internal doors, with reliable deadbolts and locks you can hugely limit the area which the criminal can actually move around in inside your home. Make sure you choose bolts and locks which meet the British Standards.
  • Lighting – Burglars will often try to break in through side windows and backdoors, and good security lighting can act as a real deterrent. However, it can also annoy your neighbours or get in the way of your own sleeping pattern,so make sure that it is installed as carefully, and as intelligently positioned, as possible.
  • CCTV And Video Security! – One of the most important parts of modern home security is ensuring that you have clear and visible CCTV available. In fact, it is best to follow the advice of professional CCTV installers in London and ensure that your home has both obvious CCTV, which normally consists of relatively large and obvious box cameras, and subtle internal CCTV using dome or recessed cameras.

This way, you will enjoy the benefits of CCTV as a deterrent to criminal
activity and enjoy the actual benefits of a reliable surveillance solution
within your own home.

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