How Domestic CCTV Systems Can Help Residential Properties To Fight Crime

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After looking at government statistics, the police and various security bodies' general advice reads that crime will only take place if the perpetrator sees an opportunity – so things like an open window or door, valuables being on display or lack of a visible deterrent are all openings for someone to cause your property harm. Sometimes though, no matter how vigilant we might be, if someone is intent on breaking into a property, they will. The only way to bring them to justice is by using a Domestic CCTV System.

How CCTV Systems Can Help Protect Your Home

Having a visible CCTV system can work as a deterrent or at the very least, record the intruder in the act. Here we will look at some key burglary statistics, which will suggest to you how Domestic CCTV can be of an enormous benefit;

  • Around the country, a burglary happens every 45 seconds. One is successful every 76 seconds – These numbers suggest that less than 1 in 2 break-ins are successful over an entire day, meaning that if a burglar is intent on breaking in to a property – they more often than not, will.

  • 56% of burglaries happen at night – No matter what time of the day it is – the burglar is always alert, looking for opportunities. The majority of break-ins happen at night - even when the resident is in the home asleep.

  • 59% of burglaries are successful and result in property damage – Equating to around 6 in every 10 attempts, successful burglaries will hit residents with a double attack. This could be anything from a damaged lock, to even the destruction of whole rooms. The average cost of damage to the property during a burglary is around £380, adding another dose of anguish for the resident.

  • In 42% of cases - £1000 or more was stolen – Household items are prime pickings for burglars and around 4 in every 10 cases results in goods equating to value of £1000 and more, stolen. The potential theft of personal items also exists – and the value of these items is incalculable. The average cost of a break-in stands at over £2000.

For times when you're not at home, you still need to be able to protect your property. Being able to be used as a recording device as well as a deterrent, investing in a CCTV camera is the only way that you can be sure of giving yourself and your property the best protection possible.

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