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Posted by Global Vue on 27/08/2015 16:08:00

Smart home security is becoming more and more fashionable, although it is true that intelligent CCTV security systems still tend to occupy the less 'sexy' side of home gadgetry, no matter how motion-sensitive or wireless they tend to be.

In fact, they've been referred to as the technological equivalent of home insurance, as something incredibly practical, even necessary, but not as cool or exciting as the latest Apple Watch or iPhone, or some kind of virtual reality headset.

Unfortunately, one of the major reasons that people decide not to invest in a smart home security solution is simply because they don't understand the benefits that it can provide to the home environment.

Smart CCTV Security Systems For Your Home

According to research undertaken by the BSIA (British Security Industry Association), there are around six million CCTV cameras in operation in Britain. Of course, the vast majority of these are street cameras, or those cameras belonging to private businesses, but an increasing number are domestic CCTV solution. Employing security camera technology in your home is certainly one of the main lines of defence which the police recommend, as both a deterrent and an aide in the capture of criminals.

Highly visible CCTV solutions are an excellent deterrent to many criminals, but most burglaries are opportunistic, and perpetrators rarely stop to look for cameras. Most criminals are unaware of CCTV on private property, and often they are fairly shocked when they are shown the footage. Due to their opportunistic nature, most criminals do things without considering the full consequences of their actions.

Even for those criminals who do take precautions, such as a disguise or balaclava, or wear gloves or socks over their hands, CCTV can still be hugely useful when it comes to identifying body shape and distinctive clothing. CCTV security systems in your home can make a real difference.

Turning your domestic footage into evidence is also an extremely easy process, as all you need to do is hand a copy of the DVDR or USB over to the police, who will see that it is distributed to all relevant parties. The most important aspects of your smart security solutions are it positioning and the quality of the images that it records; as such, you cannot afford to choose any less than the best. If you wouldn't buy an outdated phone, video game console or any other form or ineffective gadget, why should you compromise on your home's security?

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