IP CCTV Systems Are Becoming More Mainstream

Posted by Global Vue on 24/09/2015 08:39:00

Over the past ten years or so, the visual-audio security industry has seen a major shift from analogue to digital networking solutions, not to mention the wide range of intelligent software now available. However, we are currently undergoing the shift from traditional digital surveillance to the exciting world of IP CCTV systems, which offer an incredible range of features to improve the security and efficiency of surveillance systems.

The major issues revolving around the use of HD IP cameras in particular have been those associated with high-data rates and high storage requirements however, with the release of IP cameras which boast low-data rates, these issues are being solved. As a result, IP CCTV systems are becoming more and more practical for a range of environments.

The Advantages Of IP CCTV Systems

Although the advantages of IP surveillance systems are many, and well-documented, we thought we’d include some to explain why they are becoming more popular amongst a range of end users and installation companies.

Typically, there are three main areas where they can provide real benefits over their alternatives; general surveillance, forensic detail and digital PTZ;

  • General Surveillance – A single HD megapixel camera can replace several traditional models, thereby drastically reducing operating and installation costs. A HD megapixel camera is able to see more detail, in the same field of view, or enjoy a wider field of view at the same level of detail.
  • Forensic Detail – Few analogue or older digital CCTV systems offer enough resolution or image quality for forensic evidence. IP cameras and HD alternatives are ideal for the identification of faces and the reading of vehicle license plates, making them a much more reliable solution.
  • Digital PTZ – HD cameras can digitally zoom quicker and maintain greater detail than traditional alternatives, whilst still recording the entire picture for later analysis. This provides superior performance and reliability for the end user.

Of course, these are just a few of the advantages revolving around image quality – there are many other benefits of IP cameras, including increased flexibility, system integration and even their backwards compatibility.

IP Cameras – The Mainstream Option?

All over the world, IP cameras and intelligent security systems are becoming more and more common for businesses and domestic properties. The market is rapidly transforming from analogue to IP-based CCTV systems, It has been estimated that, by 2018, the global market for IP cameras will be in the region of $24.1 billion.

IP systems, with their diverse variety of advantages over their traditional counterparts, are ideal for a range of domestic and business environments, including hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

IP CCTV Systems, From Global Vue

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