Is It Time To Re-Examine The Role Of CCTV In Modern Retail?

Posted by Global Vue on 07/12/2015 08:18:00

Security cameras are constantly becoming smarter and smarter, but this doesn’t mean that we’re approaching some kind of Orwellian, Big Brother surveillance state. Instead, today’s cameras can offer a diverse range of incredible advantages to their owners and, in a retail environment, have the potential to effectively create a better experience for a variety of customers.

Every IP security camera system in use today contains computer chips which have the potential to completely cause the role of the CCTV solution to evolve. Despite this potential, there are still thousands upon thousands of retail businesses using video cameras for one thing, and one thing alone; to provide video surveillance. In most cases, these cameras will provide hours and hours of video that no one will ever watch.

Who Are Prism Skylabs?

Prism Skylabs is a company that are helping to drive this much-needed re-evaluation of the role of video cameras. Founded in 2011, this cloud service company firmly believe that IP cameras can act as sensors, capable of providing hugely important information to businesses. They also believe that this data can be managed and processed within cloud software itself to leave the user with only valuable and actionable information.

Prism has a “software as a service” approach, which focuses on retail merchandising and marketing applications, but the company is confident that the technology can create a range of other opportunities as well.

Senior Vice-President Bob Cutting is a definite believer in these other opportunities, and has said that a cloud-based infrastructure provides a “reliable and continuously connected way to monitor and get data from cameras that is extremely robust and reliable”. Information from these cameras will trickle up to the cloud system, and relevant, useful data will be extracted and made readily available.

The Retail Applications Of Video Analytics

In the wonderful world of retail, this approach to an IP security camera system will enable marketers and merchandisers the opportunity to observe and monitor retail displays from all over the world in real time. Owners will be able to tell, for example, whether a store has actually opened on time, how the launch of a new product went, or how many people are passing through a store without actually buying anything.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of questions that retailers and marketers want answered about their retail stores, but they don’t have the time or the patience to sit down and watch hundreds of hours of CCTV footage. Prism’s system can provide an easy and accessible way to understand received data, making it that much easier to actually take action.

The Role Of Video Analysis As A Component Of Store Security

Intelligent security cameras offer a range of advantages which make them stand out from their less intelligent brethren. They can count people easily, and track the movement of specific customers, or the average customer, through the store based on predefined rules. The end user will be able to understand how many people went down a certain aisle, for example, or how long they spent in front of a certain display, or even how many customers are passing through to get to another part of the store.

There are a range of visual summaries that these CCTV cameras can provide which can, in the long term, help business owners to re-imagine their store layouts for their customer’s convenience and more.

Take Advantage Of An Industry-Leading, Intelligent IP Security Camera System

There are already a diverse range of IP security camera systems which can be effectively integrated with Prism Skylabs software. For an IP security camera system of your own, to effectively offer you the opportunity to drastically improve your retail store/s, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professional team at Global Vue today!

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