Is The Use Of CCTV Cameras In Schools Getting Out Of Hand?

Posted by Global Vue on 28/01/2016 10:24:00

Even back in 2012, research conducted by the Guardian newspaper estimated that there were more than 100,000 CCTV cameras in secondary schools and academies across England, Wales and Scotland. Of course, here at Global Vue, we support the use of CCTV for schools to help improve security across the entire campus for both staff and students.

The major concern when it comes to video surveillance in schools tends to be the idea of education being under surveillance, but one concern which has been raised in the past is that certain aspects of video security, particularly CCTV in the classroom, is that it acts as a quick-fix to an immediate problem, and many educational leaders and headmasters seem to think that installing new, obvious and sometimes intrusive CCTV systems will fix the problem.

Are CCTV Systems In Schools Effective?

Video surveillance has been proven to be effective in schools, but that doesn't mean that every problem within the school is immediately solved. Of course, CCTV will offer the same advantages to any educational facility as it does to a property of other purposes. It can drastically reduce the risk of a break-in, either during open hours or after-hours, and provide a record of any illegal behaviour that does take place.

Similarly, the decision as to what kind of CCTV is used is also important, as very overt and obvious cameras can really cut down on the risk of antisocial or criminal activity taking place.

What Advantages Can Closed-Circuit TV Offer To Schools?

Primarily, video cameras can be an effective means of preventing bullying and having hard evidence when it comes to proving what actually happened when there are no teachers or adults present. As many students are reluctant to tell adults when they are being bullied, and parents are often reluctant to believe that their children are capable of bullying others, video evidence is essential when it comes to dealing with the effects of bullying.

How Can I Make The Most Of CCTV For Schools?

Essentially, you need to ensure that you don't simply place CCTV cameras everywhere that you can; CCTV for schools requires a delicate touch and intelligent planning. Your video surveillance in any educational facility should start with basic communication between decision makers, staff and students.

By discovering where the most trouble happens on school grounds, you can position your cameras intelligently to prevent these problems from occurring or to capture evidence if they do continue to occur.

CCTV For School Toilets

This is something of a tender area, for obvious reasons, as it seems like a major infringement on the students' right to privacy. However, more and more schools have discovered that the toilets are a major area where bullying takes place, and intelligent placement of obvious CCTV can prevent this without infringing on student privacy.

By aiming your cameras at the basins, rather than any other bathroom feature, and ensuring that they cannot be moved, you can capture video from one of the most common areas for student bullying.

Of course, there are a range of other places that CCTV is extremely useful in modern schools, including IT rooms or other specialist rooms, where there is often expensive or dangerous equipment which can go missing.

So, Has CCTV In Schools Got Out Of Hand?

Currently, most schools aren't using CCTV as effectively as they could be, and instead are having to place hundreds of cameras across their campus, which can really create the image of video surveillance “gone mad" in an educational facility.

Video surveillance only appears to have got out of hand as a result of inefficient placement and use. However, with the capabilities of the many different kinds of camera and system available today, you can provide a comprehensive range of security and safety benefits to your students, staff and visitors, without threatening their rights to privacy.

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