More Retailers Than Ever Are Preparing To Introduce Remote CCTV Access

Posted by Global Vue on 29/01/2016 07:08:00

More than two in three retailers with CCTV systems currently in place currently want to introduce mobile data access in the near future. According to the same survey, as many as 70% of businesses intend to introduce covert CCTV to support existing overt surveillance. 2016 is certainly going to be the year that businesses really start to take advantage of the latest in video surveillance technology.

The survey, conducted by the Centre for Retail Research, discovered that of the 2,200 retailers approached only 18% are presently able to access their video surveillance system remotely, though it is a major priority for most businesses. This year, more and more businesses need to be making the most of the industry-leading IP security camera systems available from Global Vue.

Why Is CCTV Such A Major Concern For Retailers In 2016?

Video security systems are the most efficient and cost-effective form of crime deterrent for businesses, and more than 80% of all retailers firmly believe that effective CCTV can drastically reduce losses relating to petty theft.

Retailers all across the country, and even further abroad, are relying more and more on their CCTV systems to combat crime and antisocial behaviour. In the past, those businesses which chose to rely so heavily on their video surveillance had to deal with issues relating to a lagging connection, low-quality images and extremely limited functionality.

Thanks to recent industry advances and the availability of high-performing and reliable IP security camera systems, there are a diverse range of features for businesses to enjoy which, only a few years ago, were practically unimaginable. Today, however, retailers want, and in many cases need, internet-protocol solutions which can offer the latest features in the prevention of crime.

Mobile access to these recordings is essential for many businesses, but particularly for those with multiple outlets around the country. This can allow store manager’s to access their own security systems and keep an eye on their store from anywhere with an internet connection.

What Other Features Will Retailers Need To Introduce In 2016?

IP security camera systems can provide a whole host of different advantages and include features which make them invaluable to retail businesses. One of the most important features of internet-protocol systems is the ability to store information in the cloud, allowing it to be saved and easily accessed across the world. More than 30% of all retail chains are considering moving into cloud storage, and many more are interested in the benefits that it can provide.

Along with covert camera options, many retailers are also considering combining the two formats to create a comprehensive video security and crime prevention system. More than 52% of retailers are using overt models to effectively deter crime, and a further 22% only position them at store entrances to deter the criminal element from entering in the first place.

Internet protocol systems are also much more versatile than their traditional analogue counterparts, and offer a much greater variety in terms of system layout.

IP Security Camera Systems For Retail Businesses

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