New BSAI Guidance For CCTV Grading

Posted by Global Vue on 22/09/2015 13:15:00

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has published new guidance to help end users more effectively understand the security grading system currently in use. The BS EN 62676 series of international standards are the first standards for CCTV security systems in the UK.

What Is CCTV Security Grading?

Grading of this kind is, essentially, a way of offering a variation of requirements so that systems that do not require complex or sophisticated features are allowed to be simpler. The BSIA decided to produce new guidance to assist installers of CCTV, along with other interested parties, to effectively understand how a choice of grade should be made and then put into place to determine the design requirements of a CCTV security system.

Graded Requirements For CCTV, Under BS EN 62676

The first guide – Graded Requirements Under BS EN 62676 Standards For CCTV – is a technical guide for installers and specifiers. It came into existence after extensive work and research was undertaken by members of the BSIA and the Home Office, along with insurance companies and industry-leading security consultants, to develop a method of applying grades that allow for both complete simplicity and, when required by the circumstances, flexibility.

BS EN 62676 Series; Customers And Grading

The second guide – BS EN 62676 Series – Guidance For Customers About Grading And Other Important Matters – and actively compliments the information within the first guide by providing a summary for customers who might be seeking a more concise and, perhaps, less technical explanation of the new grading system’s requirements.

Both guides relate to the new standards, which have been developed through the best practice guidelines from a number of organisations, including the BSIA and the Government’s Centre for Applied Science and Testing (CAST). Of course, the traditional British Standards have also been taken into consideration.

The Grading Of A CCTV Security System

It is important that end-users understand that the grading of a system does not, necessarily, determine the quality of the images that the system itself captures, however the inclusion of a high grade may result in an image-capturing improvement.

The new specifications include recommendations on the quality of image recording overall, along with specifications regarding the robustness and integrity of the system as a whole. Primarily, these specifications are designed to ensure that your systems can continue to prevent and record criminal or antisocial activities, in the face of actual criminal attack or likely fault conditions.

CCTV Security Systems For Businesses

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