Protecting Your Hotel With CCTV

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Being a home away from home, hotels are also liable to suffer the same types of crimes that are also experienced in residential areas. Break-ins and vandalism in rooms (as well as in parked cars) are sadly all too common. At least with a CCTV system installed in key areas in your hotel, you are able to keep an eye on things and if any incidents do arise - you will be able to identify the assailants and hopefully make this 'home away from home' more secure for guests and staff alike. Aside from their main function of recording images – CCTV in hotels can also act as a useful deterrent to anyone who may be thinking of causing anti-social disorder. The fact that you'll be able to promote your hotel as being secure and safe, can only help enhance your hotel's reputation and be good for business, too!

With all of this in mind, here are some of the areas of your hotel that should be protected by CCTV:

The Key Areas That Need To Be Protected

  • The Corridors – With the only path to every room being the corridor that passes them, it's paramount that these areas are monitored. Anyone who enters a room will have to traverse this path and if any incidents do occur – you will know who went in which room and at what time.

  • The Entrances – Obviously the only way that you'll be able to see everyone walk in and out of the hotel, is through the entrances that the hotel has. Aside from the entrances to the outside, this also includes internal entrances, such as escape exits, the dining room, bar, pool areas etc.

  • Reception Area – Often the first point of entry, it's also worth keeping the reception area covered as that is a position where all guests and visitors need to walk through. Being able to see who comes in and out of the hotel, will help you to identify the people involved in any situations that may – or already have – arisen in this area.

  • Parking Area – Placed in strategic points, CCTV cameras can cover the entirety of the hotel's car parking area.

It's also vitally important to think about the key areas to place your CCTV cameras WITHOUT invading the privacy of your guests. So obviously you can't place a camera inside rooms or changing areas, for example.

Global Vue – Providers of CCTV In Hotels

Here at Global Vue we are able to provide CCTV in hotels, giving staff and guests the peace of mind they should be having whilst they stay or work with you. Our team holds many years of experience and are able to install safe and secure CCTV systems in your hotel, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your business is secure. We can also advise you on the best practices on how to use the system, without invading on anyone's privacy. If you need more information on our services, please give us a call on 0844 544 3955 or e-mail us at

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