Should CCTV Cameras Be Used In Schools?

Posted by Global Vue on 08/04/2016 11:47:00

There are points for both sides of the argument here, but that doesn't alter the fact that many educational facilities are choosing to take advantage of CCTV systems for schools. It really isn't surprising, however, with the range of potential advantages that these security solutions can provide to any educational property.

There has been some criticism over CCTV in classrooms and throughout school property, but the advantages of these video surveillance solutions far outweigh any potential negatives, imagined or actual.

Why Are People Opposed To Video Surveillance In Schools?

The major problem that people tend to have with CCTV in schools is that they don't take the time to understand their presence. Instead, they immediately assume that it is the first step in creating an Orwellian, Big Brother-esque society. The criticisms that attack video surveillance in schools are mainly that it is almost a way of attributing guilt and monitoring both students and teachers as they go about their daily learning and educating.

This is an instant, knee-jerk reaction that makes people dislike the idea. However, once they learn the advantages and the real reasoning behind educational CCTV, they often change their mind and become ardent supporters of the choice.

CCTV Systems For Schools: The Advantages!

There are a variety of situations when CCTV systems in schools become absolutely essential. In larger schools, having one or two security personnel or even teachers roaming the ground during their free time is rarely enough to ensure that pupils are kept safe and secure. When it comes to the school's overall security, particularly from external threats, CCTV cameras are essential in a range of situations. For example:

· CCTV security can help to prevent and identify unauthorised intruders who enter the premises, which can really help to promote school security.

· Monitor remote or usually unused entrances and exits through CCTV cameras.

· Can be used to keep an eye on housekeeping staff, particularly new employees.

· CCTV can be used to aid in the organisation of a facility evacuation in the event of a fire outbreak or other emergencies.

· Can prevent vandalism against school property by keeping an eye on unused areas.

The Great Benefits Of CCTV For Teachers!

Although there are some teachers who start off disliking the idea of CCTV in the school, they will quickly come around once they realise the great advantages and benefits that it can provide.

· CCTV can be used to monitor car parks, to help protect staff vehicles against vandalism or anti-social behaviour.

· They can be used to ensure that teachers are following the curriculum and teaching the right information.

· They can be used to chase up on pupil attendance, or even teacher attendance.

The Advantages Of Video Surveillance For Pupils

Finally, the benefits of CCTV to students are the major driving force behind camera installation across the country.

· Video security can prevent or detect occurrences of bullying amongst pupils.

· Help to prevent or track instances of student theft.

· Provide evidence of poor student behaviour to parents and teachers.

· Ensure that the entirety of the school maintains the right attitude towards their learning.

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