Sophisticated Analytics To Drive Video Surveillance Growth!

Posted by Global Vue on 18/02/2016 09:47:00

Surveillance technology is definitely going to continue to improve and grow throughout 2016 and beyond. Video security is now the most effective means of preventing loss, gathering data and providing physical protection against violence. Intelligent software, including high-powered analytics, along with the very best in HD TVI CCTV systems is likely to drive this growth for businesses and homeowners across the country.

The Growth Of Video Surveillance On A Global Scale

One of the major reasons behind the growth of video surveillance is the increased awareness around its features and diversity. As the industry technologyhas continued to grow, it has made CCTV systems much more suitable for a range of specific requirements. According to research undertaken by Memoori, video surveillance products accounted for as much as 54% of all physical security sales, accounting for a global total of $14.68 billion (approx. £10.28 billion).

This just goes to show that video surveillance is the most powerful and effective form of security used by businesses and homeowners all over the world.

Sophisticated Analytics Driving CCTV Sales!

As one of the major reasons for video surveillance growth, we expect to see integrated video analytics become an industry-standard amongst lower-cost models and systems. With the diverse range of advantages which can be applied thanks to this information, CCTV isn't necessarily just about security anymore. Instead, it can be used to actively optimise retail layouts for customer experience, dynamically protect businesses and homes at all times and provide complete peace of mind for the property owners.

More and more customers are on the lookout for higher-quality systems, and the balance will come from combining the most popular features of the high-end models into more affordable solutions for everyone. Many business owners are using the newer features to justify a major upgrade from older analogue systems to modern IP or HD TVI CCTV solutions.

Even those customers who don't want to deal with a complex system can find high-quality solutions which are suitable for them. There are several standalone cameras which can offer a variety of integrated features.

Homeowners Are Driving CCTV System Sales Too!

Increased awareness on the part of the general public regarding the new features and higher-quality cameras is also helping to drive video surveillance development. Homeowners across the UK are asking about CCTV more than ever before, particularly models which can be accessed from any internet-enabled mobile device. Homeowners don't want plug-and-play cameras offered by tech retailers, they want high-quality models to watch their gardens, driveways and even keep an eye on their pets when they're at work.

With the variety of unique camera designs, they are becoming more and more common within houses as well. Along with subtle dome designs which can be easily installed in your ceiling, there are many models which look more like pieces of art which you can place on surfaces surrounded by other memorabilia.

The Future Of CCTV Installations, And Global Vue!

Looking ahead, it is easy to see that traditional alarms and other security solutions will be left behind as their advantages are integrated into modern CCTV systems. CCTV can automatically trigger alarms and send notifications if the cameras detect movement, so there is no need to include a separate intrusion detection system.

IP-solutions and HD TVI CCTV are both going to grow in popularity over the next few years – it is absolutely essential that you, as a homeowner or business owner, remember to take advantage of these advantages wherever possible.

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