The Advantages Of Footfall Analytics Software

Posted by Global Vue on 11/09/2015 09:54:00

Whilst video surveillance solutions can offer a range of security advantages to a store, they can also work to improve its profitability. Here at Global Vue, we are firm believers in the far reaching advantages of CCTV solutions, and that is why we install only the very best in our client's retail outlets.

Of course, the very best in footfall analytics and loss prevention software can be integrated into your pre-existent in-store systems and surveillance infrastructure.

Live Performance Monitoring

With the very best in footfall analytics, you needn't wait until the end of the week in order to understand how well your business is performing. Through the integration of reliable and intelligent software, you will be able to dynamically view your store's from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

As if this wasn't enough, the very best software will also turn the accumulated data into easily-understandable and intelligent reports, which you can utilise to evolve your retail store's layout and presence. By tracking the footfall of your customers, and the journey that they make through your store, you can position your products in a more intuitive fashion, which will make the most popular items that much easier to find.

By ensuring that your store remains designed around the attitudes and desires of the majority of your customers, you will be able to increase your store's profitability, and make the transaction process that much easier for your customers.

Loss Prevention

The very best footfall analytics software can capture and package related video and audio content around a transaction or other event for access remotely, anywhere, at any time. With the professional software on offer at Global Vue, you will be able to see every transaction appear in your reporting dashboard, in a dynamic and accurate fashion.

Unlike other, less effective solutions, with Global Vue's service you will be able to turn your CCTV security systems into a truly smart system. You, or your store managers, needn't waste hours trawling through a day's worth of footage – instead, our footfall analytics will send out notifications with video file attachments, to meet the parameters that you have already set.

Real-Time, Remote Access

When you integrate intelligent software into your CCTV system, you will be able to view stunningly detailed images of your facilities, stores and products. As if this wasn't enough, the dashboard can be scaled to suit any number of locations, across the world. You can even remove people from images, enabling you to protect their privacy whilst, simultaneously, allowing you to measure footfall and evaluate store layout without people getting in the way.

Intelligent Footfall Analytics, From Global Vue

Here at Global Vue, we are dedicated to improving the profitability and security of your retail stores. Along with industry-leading footfall analytics and dynamic reporting software, we also provide only the very best in video surveillance hardware, which can make a serious impact on the level of criminal or antisocial activity that your stores suffer.

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