The Benefits Of Tracking Customer Movement In Store

Posted by Global Vue on 19/02/2016 09:17:00

In recent years, more and more businesses have been making the most of high-quality footfall analytics to optimise their stores for their customer's convenience. These analytics are the very best way for a store to understand a customer's movements throughout their retail outlet and review how the layout of the store can be adapted to provide the most comfortable and quick retail process possible.

Another form of customer analysis that is currently on the rise, however, is the tracking of a customer's mobile device throughout the store. This form of customer monitoring is enjoying a huge boost in popularity recently, after the software was made free by Euclid Analytics.

The Benefits Of Mobile Device Tracking

With mobile device analytics, a store manager or business owner can measure the number of people who walk the past the door, those who stop to look in the window and through who actually enter the store. Immediately, this can provide invaluable information regarding the effectiveness of the shop-front window, which can really provide a starting point for any store optimisation strategy.

Similar to the advantages provided by the best footfall analytics, tracking mobile devices allows managers to number the people who visited certain areas of the store. This can be particularly important when it comes to stores with multiple floors, as you can effectively compare and contrast how many people in your store are interested in the products you offer on your second floor or basement space.

How Does Mobile Device Tracking Work?

The software sits neatly amongst a retail outlet's Wi-Fi solution. The only advantage it offers over traditional footfall analytics is that there is no need to install sensors in your retail stores. The software will, instead, automatically track Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The software then collects the Media Access Code (MAC) address associated with a phone, and ensures that the code is scrambled to make the information anonymous. Ensuring that the software maintains user privacy was extremely important, and all information is scrambled before being stored on a server.

The Limitations Of Mobile Device Tracking

The only major limitation of this new technology is that it doesn't have any way of tracking those customers without a mobile device, or those who have their Wi-Fi connectivity disabled. This is particularly a problem amongst older shoppers, but also younger shoppers who are limited in the amount of data that they can use on their phones.

These two demographics are some of the most important for a range of retail outlets, and being unable to obtain their data can really provide skewed information for many businesses. If you are intending to optimise your store for your customers' benefit, you need to ensure that all the information you are receiving is accurate.

That is where customer footfall data analysis comes in useful, as it can effectively obtain information about every single customer that enters your store.

The Security Advantage Of Footfall Analytics!

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to footfall analytics over mobile tracking is the high-quality video security systems associated with it. When you choose to install cameras with high-quality sensors and software, you will also drastically improve your retail outlet's security in a way that isn't possible with Wi-Fi tracking.

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