The Features Of Hikvision’s Smart Solution 2.0

Posted by Global Vue on 10/09/2015 09:22:00

Hikvision is well known all over the world as the industry-leader when it comes to the manufacture and design of video surveillance hardware. However, they are raising the bar once again with the release of Smart Solution 2.0, which boasts an increased focus on performance, functionality, usability and productivity. Smart Solution 2.0 includes enriched smart features across the entirety of its IP CCTV Systems.

Keen Yao, the international marketing director of Hikvision said that “Smart Solution 2.0 recognises that users need help to differentiate the real threats from the background noise and ways to efficiently retrieve this information amid the explosion in stored data."

Smart Features In Your IP CCTV System

Hikvision's cameras have always been known for combining intelligence, efficiency, ease-of-use and high-performance. However, the release of 2.0 enriches the Smart features which Hikvision's models already boast. This enrichment includes Region Entry/Exit, Object Counting/Removal/Exit, Target Cropping and automatic number plate recognition.

Region Entry/Exit

This feature detects people, vehicles and other objects which enter into a previously designated virtual region, which can trigger an alarm or a range of other features, depending on your preferences.

Object Tracking

This feature allows the user to define an area and count the objects which enter and leave, which can include both people and vehicles. If an object is left in, or removed from, this zone, the intelligent software can prompt an alarm.


Automatic number plate recognition can allow your system to detect and recognise a vehicle's licence plate, and send the ANPR information to a Smart NVR or video management software for remote access management. This feature can also allow users to systematically manage videos, and quickly locate a specific vehicle within a given period of time.

In any form of post-event investigation, this can greatly speed up the entire process, negating the need to trawl through hours of irrelevant video footage.

Advanced IP CCTV Systems

Intelligent IP systems have always offered professionally-focused, high-performance cameras. With the release of Smart Solution 2.0, this range is likely to increase. Already, Hikvision have introduced DarkFighter and LightFighter series, which offer a range of advantages over older models. Each and every one of Hikvision's cameras offer a diverse range of smart services and features, so you need to ensure that you're choosing the right cameras for your properties requirements.

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