The Future Of Automated Surveillance In The UK

Posted by Global Vue on 18/09/2015 07:19:00

We already know that the UK is one of the most monitored nations in the world, with an estimated 5.9 million CCTV cameras keeping watch over our every move. Whilst this is fantastic when it comes to preventing and monitoring criminal or antisocial behaviour, the volume of footage available often creates a problem in of itself.

When the police, or security services, need to analyse the information obtained by CCTV systems, things can often move very slowly as they are required to trawl through hours and hours of content to find the relevant event. Despite the huge amount of cameras available, analysing them can still be a case of nothing more than a lot of patience.

The Future Of CCTV Systems

However, all that might be about to change. As new technology becomes available and increasingly affordable, relevant security services will be able to quickly analyse CCTV footage to look for movements, faces and even track their suspects all over the country. By linking “dumb” security cameras to a “smart” system, or even installing “smart” cameras, property owners and security personnel will be able to monitor and find anyone and everyone responsible for criminal or antisocial activity.

Modern CCTV analysis tends to rely on teams of keen-eyes, specially trained officers, who watch thousands of hours of footage, each one waiting for a crucial moment of footage, which could be as long as a minute or a short as a second. Often having to deal with poor quality footage, multiple video formats and manual processing, the system itself is nearing breaking point.

Global Vue And Future CCTV

Here at Global Vue, we understand the issues that public security systems face, and we specialise in creating reliable, high-performing CCTV systems for private property, including domestic and business environments. Our systems are smart and future-proof, meaning that they will continue to offer high-quality and reliable service for years to come.

We are dedicated to providing intelligent security systems which can offer a range of benefits over “dumb” alternatives. For a domestic environment, you can offer incredible deterrence against criminal activities and record any activities which do occur.

For retail outlets, however, “smart” CCTV systems can offer a much wider range of benefits, including effective analysis of any and all events to occur and can even provide reliable footfall analytics. These can be extremely useful in retail outlets, which can be designed around this information. Optimising your retail presence around your customer’s actions can be a great way to increase a store’s profitability.

CCTV systems are likely to become more and more closely integrated with modern life, in both domestic and retail solutions, and lead to a much easier and much safer society overall.

Future-Proof Your CCTV Systems, With Global Vue

If you’re looking for the very best in CCTV systems, that are certain to stand the test of time And continue to provide a range of benefits to your property, then you needn’t look any further than the specialised services we offer, here at Global Vue.

For more information on how we could help you to improve the security of your domestic environment, or offer a variety of benefits to your businesses – including hotels, restaurants and high-street stores – get in touch with our team today on 0844 544 3955. Alternatively you can get in touch with!

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