The Future Of CCTV Surveillance!

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In an industry which can undergo rapid change in a very short period of time, it is fairly common for people to speculate on what the future of CCTV surveillance could possibly hold. The only thing that is certain, in terms ofvideo surveillance, is that it isn't going anywhere soon; in fact, it is moreessential than ever with all the crime, antisocial behaviour and even thethreat of terrorism.

Surveillance technology can provide a vital shield and an incredible tool in the fight against criminal behaviour, everywhere from your home to your business. CCTV for schools, in particular, is more important than ever.

Here at Global Vue, we thought we'd take a brief look at the potential changes which could have an effect on the future of the security surveillance industry.

What Could The Future Of CCTV Surveillance Hold?

  • Drone Use – Drones are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, as they have become more technologically available than ever. Recently, the head of theFBI has stated that they have started to use drones for surveillance in theU.S, and they have already been used on the U.S/Mexico border for a number ofyears.

    Drones do have great potential when it comes to surveillance, though they are less likely to offer benefits to a particular property. Camera drones will definitely become more essential to security over the next years, but will only really offer fantastic benefits if they can be set to regularly patrol the exterior of a building or a property.
  • Cameras That Can See Around Corners – This has been a dream of many security experts for a number of years, but we expect cameras which can track objects without necessarily having a clear line of sight.

    With the idea developed by a team of engineers and optic researchers at the Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh, cameras may soon be able to use bursts of laser fire to track moving objects around corners in real-time. These types ofcameras could offer practical benefits in a range of situations, including retail outlets and CCTV in schools.
  • Automated Brains! – As surveillance software continues to advance, it is becoming more and more likely that, eventually, humans will betaken out of the actual surveillance equation altogether. Of course, we're notsaying that this will happen any time soon, but instead our security experts will be working alongside these pieces of software.

    Once the system has been programmed to send out alerts based on specific criteria, then security personnel will be able to react immediately without having to spend their day staring at a series of screens. This can be particularly useful in CCTV for schools,as the students will not be watched by any one person on a day to day basis,but security personnel will always be on-hand.

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