The Hikvision HD Static Dome Camera

Posted by Global Vue on 01/09/2015 10:14:00

Here at Global Vue, we are committed to providing only the most secure of surveillance solutions for our customers. Whether you're looking to protect your home, your business or any form of property that you own or manage, you cannot afford to choose a sub-standard CCTV system.

Our team of dedicated loss prevention specialists we offer a range of HD CCTV Systems to help you protect your property and enjoy the wide ranging advantages which a dynamic and intelligent video surveillance solution could provide.

Hikvision's HD Static Dome Camera

One of the HD CCTV systems that we recommend includes the industry-leading Hikvision's static dome camera. This fairly compact high-definition static camera is a networked camera, which is capable of delivering high-quality, 1080p streams. As standard, the camera itself comes with a 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens. The design also includes integrated IR LEDs for effective viewing even during the night or in other low-light areas. These LEDs are extremely high-powered, and can operate up to a range of around 30 metres.

This network camera comes with an integrated motion detection built in, and is able to active alarms based on its high-quality facial recognition software.

Audio & Video Recording

Unlike many older security cameras and even some modern HD CCTV systems, audio is a primary feature of this camera. It features edge-recording via its SD slot, which means that the audio can be stored directly within the camera itself. Recording at the Edge is more reliable, due to its independence of the overall network health.

Even if, due to inefficient installation, damage or malfunction, the network ceases to operate the recording of audio will continue as normal.

The images recorded via the Hikvision static dome camera are slightly darker than many alternatives, but this does not reduce the quality of the image. The camera's ability to operate in a range of environments, and offer incredibly detailed images dynamically, more than makes up for the slight darkening of the image.

Powering Up The Camera

Hikvision's static dome camera can be powered through either POE, which can be a great way to limit the amount of wires required to effectively install this model, or 12V DC, which is a power supply that is typically used for small cameras and other appliances.

Setting up the camera is also incredibly, but when you decide to introduce a HD CCTV system to your property with Global Vue, you needn't worry about that. Our team of loss prevention specialists will be sure to install your system effectively, and advise you on the best positions to install your system's cameras.

Reliable HD CCTV Systems, From Global Vue

Here at Global Vue, we provide only industry-leading loss prevention and video surveillance services. Whether you are in charge of a school, a hotel, a restaurant, a store or you want to improve the security of your own home, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits when you choose a high-quality, intelligent and dynamic HD CCTV system from Global Vue.

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