The Importance Of Understanding Footfall Analytics

Posted by Global Vue on 03/02/2016 07:13:00

The retail sector is certainly one of the largest industries in the economy, even during times of recession. Billions are spent in retail stores all across the country every year, from supermarkets to boutiques and high-street stores. There is no denying that the retail sector is huge, and hugely important, and so business owners and store managers need to have access to as much information as possible in order to optimise their stores for their customer’s satisfaction.

With modern CCTV systems, businesses can make the most of industry-leading footfall analytics in order to fully design their store around the needs of their customers, and make navigation around the store that much easier.

Why Is It Necessary To Obtain Footfall Data?

For many years, stores and retail outlets were forced to use sales figures as a means of understanding what happened in-store. Whilst this is a great indicator of how a business is doing, it doesn’t take into account those who went into the store and came out with nothing, those who came in for one thing and bought another or those who spent a long time in certain areas of the store.

Thanks to footfall data and analytics, retailers can now count traffic and are able to understand what certain changes can make to their store. These changes could include anything from:

  • Sales And Discounts
  • New Products
  • New Layouts
  • Product Positioning According To Brand Or Type

Without this data, there is no real way of knowing, besides transaction numbers, how effective the store’s marketing has been to draw people into the store, whether sales are being influenced by the number of people who enter the store, or a shift in the percentage of those who are actually making purchases.

Why Are Footfall Analytics So Important?

Many retailers place their primary concern on being able to improve their stores’ conversion rates, and this is where footfall analytics become so important. CCTV systems with integrated footfall functionality are one of the strongest tools in the modern retailer’s arsenal. The measurements obtained via these cameras can lead to much better management and improved conversion rates.

By capturing real, useful data on everything; from shopper profiles to dwelling time and even the amount of time that customers spend in queues or interacting with staff, the business can compile a library of comprehensive customer experiences. This means that they can visually understand customer behaviour and ensure that their store interiors are designed to create a warm, welcoming and easy place to shop, increasing the store’s chance of conversion.

How Can Footfall Analytics Really Help To Improve A Store’s Atmosphere?

Ensuring that customer’s are engaged in the age of the so-called “experience-economy” is essential when it comes to driving conversions. Some of the most popular high-street stores are those where the act of shopping is not only simple and efficient, but also remains an enjoyable activity!

If you’re looking to make your store an enjoyable place to shop in, you need to have an in-depth understanding of your customers and their in-store behaviours. Thanks to footfall analytics, you can acquire this information and really make a difference within your in-store architecture in order to drive engagement, enjoyment and, above all, sales.

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