The New CCTV Nightmare - DDoS Attacks!

Posted by Global Vue on 17/02/2016 14:01:00

Although CCTV cameras have always been at risk from vandalism and damage, particularly external models, they are really starting to face a whole new world of threats to their efficiency. In the past, thieves and criminals of all kinds have been able to blind accessible cameras with spray paint, plastic bags and even laser-pointers – however, as cameras become part of the Internet of Things (IoT); they face the potential threats associated with digital attacks and criminal activity.

CCTV systems in Reading and across the country, along with other internet-enabled devices, are at risk of being hijacked by hackers looking to do DDoS damage.

The Developing Issues With The Internet Of Things!

The Internet of Things is not a new concept. However, it is only really starting to become an integral part of many people's and business' video surveillance systems. IoT items are linked together through either wired or wireless connections, typically using the same IP as the internet. They are typically integrated with a range of other components, to allow the user to make the most out of their system. These components can include a range of sensors and in-built software to improve the camera's usability.

The main concept of the IoT is that it will minimise the divide between the physical world and computer-based systems. Whilst this is an extremely exciting area of technological development, there is one major problem. Your laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet are all defended against external attacks and aren't really that vulnerable to exploitation.

However, the concept of the IoT is that these devices are designed to be remotely controlled – this means that they are at a higher risk than traditional internet-enabled devices.

Foul-Play & The Internet Of Things

DDos attacks are fairly common for a lot of large-scale systems, and they can really result in lasting damage to the target website or system. By gaining control of internet-enabled devices, attackers are able to use them to attack a website. This can quickly overwhelm even the best service, driving it offline or slowing it down to the point where it is practically unusable for legitimate users.

Not only will a website or service that is suffering a DDoS attack drive customers away and erode their trust in the online presence, but it can also cause extensive hardware or software damage, and can even be used as a 'smokescreen' whilst the attackers steal sensitive information, intellectual property and other financial information.

Things To Consider With Your IP CCTV Systems In Reading

Even if you aren't concerned that your devices can be used as part of a DDoS attack on another business, you should be! Cyber criminals can actually take over your IoT equipment for other reasons, meaning that they could spy on your business or even temporarily blind your cameras.

Professional DDoS protection is already a necessity for businesses and homeowners all across the country and as the internet continues to have more of an impact on our day to day lives it will only become more essential.

You should ensure that you're protected against DDoS attacks, and that your IP cameras and other internet-enabled devices cannot be taken control of by cyber-criminals.

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