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Posted by Global Vue on 03/12/2015 13:43:00

Security hazards are always changing and evolving, and it is extremely important that corporate property evolves to effectively combat these threats. Companies all across the world, engaged in all industries, need to evaluate and, in many cases, rethink their cyber security and real world architecture for a variety of reasons.

CCTV security systems were once considered the be all and end all of corporate security, but there is a wide range of different security threats which physical and digital architects need to take into account, and effectively work to counter.

The Failure Of Perimeter-Based Security

The original idea behind corporate security was the clear definition and protection of perimeters. This is obvious in the design of office buildings, and even the role of internal systems and the development of the Firewall in the 1990s.

One of the major assumptions that have led to the failure of this perimeter-based solution is the idea that everyone outside of your infrastructure is a bad guy, looking to do you or your business harm or steal your information, et cetera. Perimeter defences are immediately undermined as soon as someone with access to your building/digital systems develops a grudge, or turns out to be disloyal.

This is why, you will have noticed, that there are often as many cameras within the overall CCTV security solution keeping an eye on employees and the interior of corporate buildings as there are studying the exterior. One disloyal or disgruntled employee can cause more damage over time than most other kinds of security threat, whether that is because they are leaking information, stealing or even just making a business’ day-to-day operations that much more difficult.

What Can You Do To Move Towards The Next Generation Of Security Architecture?

Primarily, the existing school of physical architecture isn’t too bad when it comes to creating a secure business environment. The perimeter-defence strategy is still fairly solid, although more and more architects need to consider the role of internal security as well.

CCTV Surveillance

Open-plan offices are becoming more popular and these are actually great for internal security. Not only will they create collaborative environments, but they can allow people to keep an eye on what other workers are doing. Similarly, they can offer almost uninterrupted line of sight to those cameras which, as part of your overall CCTV security system, have been cleverly positioned.

Thanks to the recent advances in technology, cameras can be smaller than ever, but larger models still have their benefits when it comes to dissuading fraudulent activity. For internal uses, the smaller choices are usually better; it is better to catch an internal threat red-handed via your CCTV solution than it is to temporarily dissuade them from stealing from, or tampering with, your business.

Digital Security

Most industries are on the verge of a massive revolution in terms of automation. There are hundreds of jobs which can now be automated. Whilst this is fantastic on the behalf of the business owner, it also means that there are more areas for potential digital threats, including hackers and viruses, to target.

Still, digital defences are becoming more and more intelligent all the time and, it is believed, that it won’t be too long before dynamic protection of your business from a technological level will be automated as well. Until that point, keep an eye on any emerging digital security and anti-virus software that develops over the next few years.

Focus On The Next Generation Of Security, With Intelligent Software And CCTV Security Systems

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