Things To Consider When Choosing Your CCTV System

Posted by Global Vue on 23/09/2015 08:02:00

Offering an effective solution for the deterrence of crime and an invaluable source of reliable evidence should any antisocial or criminal activity actually occur it is no surprise that more and more people are taking advantages of CCTV Installation in London and across the country.

It isn't just the UK enjoying the advantages of CCTV either – in Johannesburg, the effectiveness of CCTV as a deterrent to crime has been supported by a huge reduction in cash-based criminal activity, particularly cash-in-transit attacks, ATM and bank robberies. In the city, only 15 CCTV cameras in strategic places have managed to reduce crime by up to 40%.

If you're considering including CCTV security into your domestic or business property's security system, then you need to ensure that you consider these aspects of your system as a whole, before you commit to any CCTV installation in London.

Things To Consider For CCTV Installation

  • Know Your Target – The type of camera that you require will often depend on the situation that you find yourself in and the property that you need to secure. If you want to monitor a small room, then you'll need a much different camera than if you need to monitor your entire home environment.
  • Load Shedding – CCTV cameras rely on electricity, so it is important to ensure that you have a separate or backup power supply in place for your security systems.
  • Visibility – Choosing a visible or discreet camera system can be difficult, as they each offer different benefits. Visible cameras may serve as a strong deterrent to criminals, but they can also present themselves as targets in domestic and other situations. CCTV systems which take advantage of discretion are often more valuable when it comes to obtaining footage of criminal or antisocial behaviour, but you lose the deterrent aspect of the system.
  • Night Vision – Night vision cameras are typically recommended for areas of low-lighting. Cameras with night vision can be more expensive, but can be extremely useful during the night or in other low-light environments.
  • Resolution – Whilst lower resolution cameras are typically cheaper, there are models which are virtually unusable due to their extremely low-resolution. The extra pixels in a HD-camera will come in handy, particularly when it comes to identifying a face or reading a number plate.
  • Position – The camera's angle and field of view are particularly important. Make sure that you invest in a camera with the capacity to cover the entirety of the area that you require.
  • Software – For the very best CCTV systems, there are a wide range of software packages available. Some are more effective in different situations, such as footfall analytics for retail outlets.

Global Vue: Professional CCTV Installers In London

Alternatively, you can engage the service of a specialised team of CCTV installers in London to help you enjoy an increased level of security in your desired environment. Our dedicated team of loss-prevention specialists can help you decide on the ideal CCTV set up for your property, and even advise you on additional components for your system overall.

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