Tips For Black Friday Safety And Security (Not Just For Your Employees)

Posted by Global Vue on 29/10/2015 07:05:00

Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for retail stores over much of the world. Originating in America, Black Friday was used as a method of kick-starting the Christmas sales after Thanksgiving, but it has now grown into the most popular retail event in Europe and much of the rest of the world as well.

Typically characterised by some of the lowest prices of the entire year, every year also sees a news report or two regarding a stampede or a fight breaking out over the last iPad or some other piece of technology being sold off for an incredible low price. However, it is a sad fact that most stores do not have sufficient security or surveillance systems in place to ensure that their employees, and their customers, can remain safe during the event.

This promotes a hugely dangerous work and shopping environment, particularly if you are neglecting to make the most of high-quality cameras, like HD TVI CCTV (High-Definition Transport Video Interface CCTV) models, or effective security systems. You need to ensure that your retail outlets are prepared for the day, to make certain that no one gets hurt and the day progresses as smoothly as possible.

Organisation And Individual Store Plans

Much of the work that needs to be put in to making your retail outlet a safe environment during Black Friday has to be done beforehand. For example, making certain that all of your employees are properly trained and know exactly what they are doing throughout the day is a huge step in the right direction.

It is likely that you will have taken on some seasonal hire for Black Friday; the chances are that many of these new employees will not, actually, have had much in the way of experience before working for your store. Make sure they are trained in their specific area, and that they stick to it throughout the event. By designating employees to stock, organise, clean or help customers to locate the items that they are looking for you can make the entire day progress much smoother. By having specific employees whose responsibility it is to alert managers to the development of any issues if a great way to keep organised and on top of anything that does occur.

One of the worst things that you can do, as a retailer during Black Friday, is to call your employees away from a register or till in order to deal with issues elsewhere in the store, as this can cause a backlog which will only result in infuriated customers and increase the likelihood of further issues developing.

Make sure that you have a mandatory meeting with all of your employees before the store opens, and get everyone to repeat their duties for the day. It is always better to have too many staff on during the event, as things will, more than likely, start to overwhelm a skeleton crew of employees and having just a few of your more experienced employees floating around as a reserve force can really make a difference.

Each of your stores will have a different layout and attract a different audience throughout the day; make sure that you don’t just have one dedicated strategy in place which you can spread around your stores – instead, create completely unique store strategies across your entire company.

Surveillance And Staying Safe During Black Friday

Having powerful surveillance in place, such as high-resolution and reliable HD TVI CCTV solutions, can really make a difference to our overall security throughout the day. Security cameras work as reliable witnesses if something does go wrong – for example, in the event of two customers fighting over the last of a specific item.

Cameras can record events as they occur and, by choosing high-resolution models, you can easily identify who was in the wrong. This footage will also be extremely useful for the innocent customer, who may need it when pursuing legal action. Now, it’s obvious that you don’t want events like these to occur, but they do all across the world on Black Friday. By having effective surveillance in place, you can respond that much quicker and contain the potential damage of the event.

The best surveillance will also record criminal or anti-social behaviour, such as thieves and shoplifters and can really help when it comes to loss prevention. Since the queues are so long, customers will be tempted to leave your store without paying for their merchandise, particularly if they can see that your staff is visibly overwhelmed. Visible surveillance will discourage criminals from trying to steal from you and will catch those who attempt to do it.

Security Precautions For Retail Outlets

Whilst a team of professional security guards and intelligent surveillance will deter theft, it is extremely important to ensure that you effective security precautions for an incident free event. By keeping your aisles clean of obstructions, such as ladders or hammers, you can hugely reduce the risk of your customers tripping or falling.

You also need to ensure that you have crowd control measures in place, including designated queuing areas to reduce aisle congestion and blockages. Crowd control barriers around displays are also a great option, as they can prevent items being knocked over and damaging someone nearby – this is especially true if you sell electronic or other heavy items, such as large screen TVs or white goods.

Here at Global Vue, we are an industry-leading team of security and surveillance specialists, and we can help you turn your retail outlet into a safe and secure environment, which can make a real difference to your loss prevention and overall security on Black Friday and onwards.

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