Understanding Your Retail Customer’s Movements

Posted by Global Vue on 04/09/2015 09:31:00

As the 'internet of things' continues to grow, it is more essential for a retailer to take advantage of the very latest technology to record and analyse all the information that it can. Without this information, such as people counting and footfall analytics, you will be unable to effectively optimise your store's layout or decide on the future of an outlet with as much information as you might require.

How Can You Get Customer Movement Information?

Whilst online presences have been able to completely analyse and record a person's movements whilst on a web page, it has been extremely difficult for businesses to implement any form of similar analytics in a brick-and-mortar retail store.

However, thanks to the innovations in CCTV software and hardware, a business can now enjoy surveillance systems which not only act as a record of, and a deterrent for, anti-social or criminal behaviour, but can actively provide information to optimise a store's layout and a business' in-store marketing efforts.

With the latest footfall analytics technology, you can measure what percentage of people move in which directions after entering their store, and record their entire journey through your store.

Global Vue's Footfall Analytics

Our cloud-based software will allow you to enjoy clever, highly-visualised data, which bypasses the need for a complex chart of table of figures. With Global Vue's footfall analytics, all data will be presented in an easily understandable visual summary, to ensure that you make the most out of the available information.

With Prism Skylab's software, you can take advantage of an instant snapshot of your store's performance, understand which products and areas are the most engaging for your customers and truly examine your customer's journey through your store.

This data can be quickly accessed and presented in a number of formats, over a wide period of time or a more specified one. This will allow you to analyse your busiest and slowest times of the day with consummate ease, and every period in between!

This information can be essential to the future of your business, and it can prevent you from making the wrong decision with regards to store layout and interior design. You can understand exactly how footfall changes from store to store, or even entrance to entrance!

Business Centric Surveillance Software, From Global Vue

Here at Global Vue, we understand just how important the right information can be to a store's success. We are proud to offer only the very best people-counting and footfall analytics software available today. We also provide industry-leading surveillance systems to discourage anti-social or illegal activity.

If you're looking to improve your profitability and optimise your business space for your customer's convenience, get in touch with out surveillance and loss-preventions specialists today on 0844 417 2945 or email us directly at enquiries@maxtag.com.

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