Using CCTV For Schools To Stop Bullying

Posted by Global Vue on 08/06/2016 09:37:00

Every school in the world has had problems with bullying. As we know, there are dozens of potential reasons for it, and it could be to do with anything from jealousy to trouble at home. Bullying is serious and it needs to be stopped in all educational properties; if it is left unchecked, then it can have serious repercussions on the mental, or even physical, state of everyone involved.

Cameras placed in schools all over the world, originally intended to stop a range of crimes including breaking in and vandalism, have also had the unintended effect of curbing student on student, and even teacher on student bullying. CCTV for schools is an extremely powerful tool in the fight against bullies and all kinds of violence on school property.

CCTV For Schools Is A Powerful Weapon Against Bullies

One of a bully’s primary weapons has always been fear. If the student suffering the bullying is too afraid to tell teachers or parents on him or her, then the situation will continue indefinitely. As well as the worries regarding repercussions on telling, there is also the threat of being called a ‘snitch’ or a ‘grass’.

The logical answer to discovering who is perpetrating the bullying is CCTV. Thanks to closed-circuit television in schools, teachers can easily use the video surveillance to identify when and where the bullying is taking place, as well as who is involved in it. With CCTV, the anonymity is removed from the bully, and the student being bullied doesn’t have to worry about being called names.

By positioning CCTV cameras around your school in otherwise hidden areas, you can actively prevent bullying from taking place in the first place by denying a safe location for the even to take place.

In circumstances where a fight is likely to break out, CCTV footage can also be used to identify the students who encouraged the fight to take place. This can enable the teacher or headmaster to punish those who encouraged the fight as well, and really help to hammer home the fact that fighting and violence is unacceptable.

Convincing Parents With CCTV Footage

If you’ve ever had to inform a parent that their child is a bully, you’ll probably know how unlikely they are to believe you. However, with the physical evidence of CCTV footage, even the most adamant parent of guardian can be brought around to the truth. Similarly, if a parent refuses to believe that their child is being bullied, the footage can play the same role.

CCTV for schools is invaluable for a wide range of reasons, not least in the prevention of bullying in the first place, but also dealing with the aftermath of the event.

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