Using CCTV Systems For Residential Properties To Fight Fly-Tipping

Posted by Global Vue on 09/06/2016 09:25:00

All over the country, fly-tipping is a major problem which costs local councils millions of pounds every year. Not only does it cost a lot, it can also present a full range of health hazards which can be devastating to local residents and pets and even cause lasting damage to the local environment.

However, more and more homeowners across the country are becoming tired with criminals using their local area for their dumping ground. The solution? Reliable CCTV systems for residential properties. By protecting vulnerable areas with video surveillance, you can deter criminals from abandoning their waste, as well as capturing footage of any perpetrators.

What Are The Real Impacts Of Fly-Tipping?

If you’ve been lucky enough to never have to deal with fly-tipping, then you might not realise just how serious a problem it is. All kinds of waste can be fly-tipped, including domestic waste but also chemical waste and hazardous waste including oils and even asbestos sheeting. Dumped food is a major problem, as it can attract all kinds of pests to the local area, inevitably leading to household infestations.


  • Costs £100 million to clean up, every year.
  • Each local council ends up paying £4 million on average.
  • Spoils local neighbourhoods and life quality.
  • Pollutes the environment and attracts pests.
  • Undermines ethical, eco-friendly waste management companies.
  • Affects more than 75% of all landowners, including 67% of all farmers and agricultural businesses.

As you can see, fly-tipping is major problem, undertaken by unscrupulous criminals who don’t care about your health or the local environment. It’s no wonder, really, that so many homeowners are taking advantage of CCTV systems for residential properties to protect themselves from these waste criminals.

What Can You Do To Prevent Fly-Tipping On Your Land?

There are a range of fairly simple changes you can make to your property to stop criminals from dumping on your land. These are focused on two distinct strategies – improving visibility and preventing easy access. Just some of the physical changes you can make include:

1. Install Gates And Barriers On Your Land – By preventing access to your property, particularly vulnerable areas, you can make it too hard for criminals to access your site in order to abandon their waste. These can be anything from locked wooden gates preventing vehicle access to natural boulders completely blocking off unused entrances. However, make sure you aren’t permanently blocking off a publicly-owned right of way.

Also, you need to make sure that all gates are closed off when not in use, which can be a difficult to get into.

2. Improve Visibility Through Landscaping – If the criminals are using hedges or trees to hide their activities, make sure that you deny this secrecy through clever landscaping. If these criminals are easily visible, then they are less likely to feel safe abandoning their waste there.

3. Install CCTV Systems For Residential Properties – Thanks to CCTV, you can protect your private property and catch footage of the criminals in action. As well as being able to prevent their dumping thanks to signage, you’ll be able to identify any vehicles which do enter your property or local area to abandon waste and pass on their registration number to the police.

Fight Against Waste Crimes, With CCTV Systems For Residential Properties

Fly-tipping is an extremely serious crime, and one that we all need to work together to fight against. By equipping your home with CCTV systems for residential properties, you can identify the perpetrators and deter any of these criminals from using your property as their own personal tip.

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